R1249 The Doi Ang Khang Road Closed

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  1. Due to heavy rainfall & a landslip a couple of weeks ago the main Doi Ang Khang road has been closed for repairs.


    when it reopens could be awhile.

    ปิดทางขึ้นดอยอ่างขาง เนื่องจากดินทรุดตัว - Workpoint News

    The other way to Doi Ang Khang is via the "back way & the Burma border" R1340 from Arunothai.

    There is also a "short cut" from 107 via Mai Bong Nua to Sinchai onto R1340.
  2. Thanks David. Actually plan to head up there this weekend. Do you know if the roads are passable north of Ang Khang? Can one loop around the border and come out on 107 near Mae Ai? (Marked as 1314 on GT map). I am on a CB500x. Cheers
  3. Actually R1249 is open to bikes. Had the pleasure of riding it today all to myself
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  4. Thanks for that update.
    I was actually a bit unsure if it was totally closed to all vehicles, but the guy who gave me the info had his tour group in DAK & they were told No, You cannot go.
    But perhaps it is ok for bikes & not cars.
    Is there any chance you've got some photos or vdo of the damaged road to share?
    That would be really cool if you did have some.
    Many thanks.
  5. Sorry David - No pics but the damage was minimal and a car could easily get through on one lane
  6. I've always found that the road closed signs are always in Thai....which to my twisted Aussie logic means they dont apply to me. ;)
  7. FYI - if you are coming from the bottom, there is just the road closed barrier - which may mean people just turn back. From the top, there is the checkpoint where the soldiers will just wave you though even though the road has a closed sign.

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