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    Hi everyone. I'm Joe from Canada. Myself and two fellow motorcycle nuts We will be visiting Northern Thailand this Christmas. We will budget about 4-5 days for the MHS loop. I look forward to reading all the great information in this site, but in the meantime I had some questions. 1: We would like to get onto DRZ400's or something comparable. Who would you recommend for a bike like this and which shop(s) in Chiang Mai would you recommend? Many of the sites I am seeing only have 250 or 650 sumo's. 2: We would like to do our riding in the mornings and have afternoons / evenings to explore and do activities. What would your recommendations be for stop over points along the MHS loop and what types of activites would you recommend for each one? Thank you in advance for your local perspective. I'm SOOOO excited to visit but am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information and am trying to just start the trip planning with some broad strokes first. Cheers, Joe (Canada)

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