Recommendations for a 3/4 day loop?

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  1. Hi all,
    I've been reading this forum with interest for the past few days, as I'd really like to get some biking done in both Laos and Cambodia. (I also posted in the Laos forum)

    Has anyone got any recommendations for a 3/4 day loop in Cambodia, starting from either Kratie, PP or Siem Reap?

    I read Jim's recommendations for a loop from PP groing through Kapong, Kep and Sihanoukville. This does sound like a fun and relatively easy ride; although I'd really like to see some of the temples in the north (Koh Ker which looks amazing, and possibly also Preah Vihear or Pasat Preah Khan). I know Hidden Cambodia run some trips there, but they're pretty expensive ($525 for 3 days), I was wondering how feasible it would be to go it solo?

    I don't have that much offroad experience, though getting some wpould be great. What are the roads like, would it be feasible to do this trip without being fully accompanied the whole time (ie mainly with a map)?

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Nick,

    I just got from this route this afternoon. The main roads on the Kep-Kampot-Sihanoukville loop are all sealed except for a 30km stretch of roadworks near the turnoff to Bokor. That's easy graded dirt.

    Be aware that a truck has taken out a bridge just to the east of Kampot so you'll have to pay someone to take your bike over on a boat. Could be tricky with anything bigger than 250cc. We paid 5,000r for two dirt bikes and riders.

    Even if you don't have much dirt bike experience you shouldn't find it too hard to get up Bokor on a 250cc. There's a bit of loose gravel but it's not too steep. We met a couple who'd even ridden up on stepthroughs -- but it took them five hours. The main hazards are the reeds that whack you in the face and backpackers riding up the wrong side of the road!

    On our way out of PP, we kept going south on the big wide road from Takeo towards the VN border then turned off onto some nice dirt trails that brought us out at Tani. Good way to break up the monotony of Cambodian highway driving.

  3. Thanks a lot for the tips, the dirt trails definitely sound like a good idea.

    Am also still trying to work out if Koh Ker and Preah Vihear are feasible solo, will post more info when I work a route out... In any case will post a report here ;)

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