Renting 2 Bikes And Go (?)

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  1. Dear all,

    we are 2 offroad enthusiast from the US and Germany (currently in Beijing)
    Every so many years we get togehter go riding. This time we would like to hit Cambodia and depend on some good advice. We dont intent to go for a guided tour but free ride around.
    Where can we get decently maintained offrooad bikes?
    And more important, are there any GPS Tracks out there the someone could provide? This would help us a lot. I understand that GPS tracks are mostly kept secret. But maybe somebody can help us out a little ;-)

    Thank you very much fo your help, Alex and Jarred
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    Hidden Cambodia are the # 1 tour specialists in Cambodia.

    Cambodia Motorbike Tours are also top guys & have some nice options.
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    Chea from Siem Reap Dirtbike Mechanic should be able to help you out...

    SiemReap Mechanic Dirtbikes Club on Facebook.

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