Riding into Cambodia with a Thai registered bike under someone else

May 25, 2006
Hi Friends,

For a friend of mine who would like to ride to Cambodia with a bike registered in Thaialnd with a Green Book under an other name, could someone tell us what would need my friend ?

Please describe us the complete list of documents needed for border crossing for the bike and the rider.

Thanks in advance, border crossing should be via Trat, any additional advices ?


Oct 6, 2006
As the bike is not in the riders name, he may have problems checking out of Thailand.
It has been suggested to have a letter (possibly certified), from the registered owner, granting permission for your friend to use the bike.

Doc needed are the bikes green book and rider's passport. They might check if the reg and insurance is current, though that has
never happened during the many times I've gone to Cambo via Trat (Ban Hat Lek).
Clearing Thailand:
1-with Passport and green book, go to the window which issues the Temporary Import/Export doc. There is no charge for this.
2-Next get passport stamped to depart Thailand
3-Go to customs w/ green book, Passport and the Im/Ex doc. They will put the bike's and your info in their computer and return a copy of the
Im/Ex doc for your to keep. DO NOT lose the copy...it is needed by Customs, on your return to Thailand, to allow the bike to re-enter Thailand.
Cambo Immigration...They do not check the bike...but recent scams say they now want to created a doc & money from you. Just get the Cambo
visa, which is $20-US and go. Pay in US dollars! They _will_ try to scam you and charge more for the visa...some have been hit for up to 1,400-Bt ($46-US)!
Be patient and stall them..! If they say the need a health certificate, it's just another of their scams. Ignore them!
Note, too, that all Cambo Immigration personnel have nice newer cars...I wonder why ;-)