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  1. I'm planning a trip from Lopburi to Nan the beginning of march. First night will be a stop at Khao Kho then onto Nan the next day. I'm thinking about road 1339 through Lam Nam Nan national park. Does anyone have any comments on the 1339 part?

    Also any suggestions for day trips out of Nan? I'll be there for a few days.

  2. Also like to know about the ferry crossing on the 1339 over the skirt reservoir, (well, over the Nan River actually :) )

    For Day ride out of Nan, I have always found the Bo Kluea Loop a whole lot of fun. Doesn't really matter which way you do it, I prefer clockwise but look at the 1169 into the 1081, 1256, 1081, 1257, 1225,& 1168. 224 Kms from the Dhevaraj hotel. Lunch stop at Boklua View.
  3. Thanks Deano.

    Anyone know if the ferry runs on a schedule or is it as required? Also does it run 7 days a week?
  4. Thanks for that David. Found most of those before, just couldn't find much fine detail on the ferry except it seems to be ad hock and it's about 100 Baht.

    Just under 240 Kms planned for that day from Uttaradit to Nan, so doesn't matter if we have to kill an hour or so at the ferry :)

    Will certainly get to Tony's at Nan at least one of the 2 nights we are there. Sensational pizza there last time, and chatting to a bunch of expat Bikers there was the icing.
  5. Did the trip through Sirakik Dam on the 1339 today. Started from Khao Kho. Some road constuction on the 12 from Lom Sak. Turned off the 12 on the 2013. Once into the hills there was heavy burning and poor visability. They charged us 150 at the ferry crossing. The guy at the restaurant told us 100 but once we were on the ferry they said 200 if only one bike but as a Thai guy on a Shadow crossed with us it was only 150 each. My wife tried arguing with the lady but the Thai guy didn't seem to care so we both just paid the 150.

    Along the way I noticed the rubber on my front valve stem was coming apart. I just had the tires changed in Lopburi and they made a mess of the balance and were supposed to have changed the valve stems but it looks like I've been had again. Is there any decent shops in Nan that do big bike tires? I saw a Cockpit on the way in but it looked like only cars.
  6. Deano,

    I did the Bo Kluea loop today as you recomended. Great ride. Thanks for the tip.

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