ROAD CLOSED 23 Aug 11 - Doi Tung back road landslide

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  1. On 25th August, riding road 1290 from Chiang Saen, I went straight on at the trafiic lights, south of Mae Sai, where the road meets highway 1, up the back road to Doi Chang Moob and Bahn Pa Mi. This is a nearby favourite mountain road along the border ridge and on to Doi Tung.
    5 klms past the army border checkpoint is a huge landslide. The road is blocked for about 30m with up to 3m high dirt, trees and jungle. Impossible to cross, even on a trail bike. The right side of the road is has been cut into the mountain and the recent heavy rain has obviously caused the collapse. The left side of the road is a steep drop-off. It will take several days with excavator and chainsaws to clear this road.
    The soldier told me the landslide had happened the day before.

    So, I had to go back down to highway 1 and ride south to the royal road 1149 that the minibuses use to get to Doi Tung. Lovely road, no sharp bends, smooth tarmac, no potholes, great views and no traffic at this time of year. Beautiful clear sky on Tuesday. Then from Doi Tung out on the 1338 to connect with the 1130 from Doi Mae Salong.

    No pics of the landslide I'm afraid..... camera issue....

    but here are some other pics;





  2. Beautiful bike- is it a T110?
  3. 1959 6T Thunderbird. The touring version, same year the Bonnie first came out. Single Amal Monobloc 376 carb, Boyer electronic ignition, cartridge oil filter. Crap 7" SLS front brake, tried 3 pairs of shoes and linings..
    Great cruising ride, sounds wonderful, enough power..... art in engineering..
    Engine starts weeping oil a bit, over 65 mph......
    Best bike I ever owned.........not for sale.....icon6.png
  4. Nice bike.

    After looking at your pics, I was about to ask about the tiny single leading shoe front brake. I think you just answered my question - "crap" :)

    40 years ago I owned a 1964 Norton Dominator 650SS. Wish I still had it.

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