Road conditions in Cambodia as of May 2013

Nov 21, 2010
I was in Cambodia for almost 2 weeks, not with the motorbike but just traveling by bus. But I thought I will give an update on the road conditions.

Going from Phnom Penh to Sen Monorom (Mondulkiri) exiting PP via the NH6A where still is a lot of road construction. We crossed the Mekong with the Prek Ta Meak bridge and from there all route 8 to route 7 and then route 76 to Sen Monorom was all in good condition. Actually the last 50km of route 76 did look brand new. That is also where it becomes a bit of fun road to ride, the rest would all be very boring.

Going from Sen Monorom to Kratie via route 76 and route 7 was all in good condition.

Going from Kratie to Ban Lung (Ratanakiri) via route 7 to the intersection with route 78 was still in a bad condition. Actually I think it is getting worse since about 5 months ago when I did ride this part of the road. Route 78 to Ban Lung (and all the way to the Vietnamese border) is in good condition. Actually it looks brand new.

Traveling by bus from Sen Monorom to Ban Lung is still not possible ... and I hope it stays that way. But unfortunately they are working on making the road better. Starting from Sen Monorom it is an wide, good gravel road (until the raining season of course) all the way to Kaoh Nhek (route 141?). After that I have been told the road thru the Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary is still a kind of jungle track (50km long) and you will have to cross 3 rivers I was told. Road from Lumphat to Ban Lung is again good.

Chang Noi