Route Advice Needed Please...for Trip Coming Very Soon..

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  1. (I hope this is the right forum to post this. If not, please accept apologies.)

    Thinking of riding some new territory and unsure of what to expect with both the current weather conditions (rainy) and also in terms of scenic value.

    Im going with a friend.
    She prefers sweeping roads.
    I prefer super tight twists and technical roads.
    A combo of these kinds of roads would suit us best and keep us both happy.

    The loop is as follows (google map link)
    Chiang Mai > Phayao > Nan > Uttaradit (via the boat over Queen Sirikit Lake) > Phitsanalok > Phetchabun > Sukhothai > Lampang > Chiang Mai.

    I know the Chiang Mai > Phayao > Nan route well..but heading south from there is new territory for me.

    Any tips or advice?
    Anything really worth seeing?
    Thanks so much ! :D

  2. Maybe should incorporate Loei?
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    Loei is a nice province also for riding motorbikes.
    Just a suggestion:
    After the ferry ride over the Sirikit Dam - R1339 to Nam Pat, then R1239 northeast to where it meets R1268 going southeast, follow 1268 to Na Haeow. It will be plenty of curves of both sweeping and super tight curves on that road, probably more of the latter...555. Then maybe R2195 to Chiang Khan and then to Loei. Lots of interesting stuff in Loei.
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  4. How many days do you have?

    That will influence your route - which way to go.
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  5. Thank you.
    Have returned from the trip and will look at that area for next time David. :D

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