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  1. I know this goes without saying, but im gonna anyway....


    It doesn't work sitting on the shelf at home....I've learned this tooo many times. Well, I guess haven't learned because i'm sitting here again, another broken foot, 7 fractures, that might have been saved if I wore my boots. But I was in a HURRY! So I threw on the trainers.....

    It doesnt matter if it's hand guards for tight trails, knee pads for roots, flack jackets for collar and spine, or just plain old riding gotta use em. I've broken just about every bone, and I'd say half could have been prevented with safety gear.

    After 12 different broken leg bone injuries, you think I'd learn....

    I got plenty of time to think about being an idget.

    Don't hesistate!!! Put it on!!
  2. hsracer 369

    Get well soon......but a bit of a strange first post.
    What did you hit & what bike were you riding.

    Now while you're layed up & out of action, why not post a few photos & brief trip reports.
  3. Hi David!!

    I had to change ISP here, the service was terrible, so I couldn't post.....

    The bike was an my haste, i realized i left out some details..basically riding along, passing a truck on the road to Nam Lik, and guess I swiped a rock or a stump. I didn't notice for about 60 seconds. In the video ( i had a my hel cam on) i think it's about 50 seconds before i started cursing. And the road was too wide in other places to graze something like that, so it had to be the truck pass.

    2 Lessons:

    1. patience when passing
    2. wear the gear.

    I will link to some videos on the ride report section, including this accident..

    Its been almost 3 weeks, and I am OK without crutches...can walk OK with weight on the heel, as the FX's were towards the toes, the metacarpels, i think they are called. About another week before I can go off road....

    Take care

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