Si Satchanalai Cultural Festival - Sound Light Show

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    Si Satchanalai Ancient City

    Pottering around Si Satchanalai last long weekend December 5-6, checking out Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Chaliang

    GTR-IMG_0567-. Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat Chaliang

    by the ancient city we got a tip off in the museum: are you going to see the old market today?

    Well no, not really, we don't know anything about it. What's happening?

    It's at the ancient city, a market with old food & old clothes.

    Nah, I wasn't that keen thinking it was just a fancy talad nut. But the GF was hooked - FOOD!

    Ok I agreed lets go take a look....

    GTR-DSC_0110. Banner promoting the Si Satchanalai Cultural festival

    the only promotion for the festival that I saw & on the way home after the event!

    We rock up to the park, pay the admission fee - 120 baht for farang & free for Thais. So where's the market? Oh it's just inside the park. We forego the bicycles & decide to walk in assuming it is just inside the entrance. Once inside we are told no, it's not here you need to take the park "train." 20 baht & off we go with the full commentary & run down on the historical site. I wanted to get off earlier & walk to skip the noisy commentary but the driver would not stop. Eventually we get dumped off on the other side of the park & it's a bustling busy scene alright - not quite what we were expecting....


    more to come

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  2. Apparently we had arrived early (around 3PM) for the fair & many people were still setting up stalls & the crowd was definitely  going to build up considerably.

    This obviously wasn't just going to0 be a regular long weekend "talad nut" with old food & old clothes.

    Plus the GF did seem excited & somewhat enthralled.


    There were unlimited stalls selling / promoting traditional foods & handicrafts in a really delightful friendly atmosphere. Villagers very proud of their traditions & culture.


    GTR-IMG_0693-. Si Satchanalai pottery


    Si Satchanalai - Chaliang is renowned for it's ceramics - pottery


    Also silverware


    GTR-IMG_5965. Si Satchanalai Silverware

    GTR-IMG_5966-1. Si Satchanalai Silverware

    GTR-IMG_5969. Si Satchanalai Silverware

    Thailand is famous for it's abundant food & there was no shortage of interesting goodies to eat

    GTR-IMG_5954. The bug food shop

    GTR-IMG_5955. Giant delicacies


    GTR-IMG_5959. The hardest happiest working young gal selling eggs

    GTR-IMG_5961. THe # 1 som tam shop

    Local weaving artisans







    I always thought of Sukhothai being in the plains, but there were also Lisu & Hmong people there from the "nearby" mountains!




    The local band



    GTR-IMG_5997. There were some wonderful diligent kids helping out there parents for the day,

    GTR-IMG_6018. Local character with the happy GF

    There was a hysterical "drop the hanky"  game for some first time little kids.

    GTR-IMG_5999. Drop the hanky


    GTR-IMG_6031. Si Satchanalai dancers

    GTR-IMG_5971. Hmong hill tribe dancing

    An official opening seemed to appear with the belles of the event leading the way.



    It seemed pretty low key & relaxed with everyone taking photos of the 2 gals leading the way. With some farang initiative I was able to coax the gf out for a photo


    after which it seemed to a  stampede for everyone to get in for a photo. The farang had broken the ice with no greng jai.

    Eventually we ended up on the far side of the park at the entrance to the fair ground


    The sun went down & people started camping out on the lawn


    & it was then that we realized we were in for a light & sound show.


    & what a beauty it was


    GTR-IMG_6090. Si Satchanalai light & sound show

    with an informative narration on the history of Si Satchanalai & Sukhothai

    GTR-IMG_6097. Si Satchanalai light & sound show

    GTR-IMG_6092. Si Satchanalai light & sound show

    GTR-IMG_6096. Si Satchanalai light & sound show

    GTR-IMG_6101. Si Satchanalai light & sound show

    The show ended, the lights went home & the GF & I stumbled our way back across the darkened historical park under the light of our mobile phones to the only car left in the car park. Next year we know to drive in the back gate on the far side & park near the event.

    So now we know - every year 6-10 December Si Satchanalai has its culture heritage fair with a magnificent light & sound show.

    Check it  out - its well worth it.

    Si Satchanalai Historical Park

    Si Satchanalai Hotel

    Sukhothai Hotels

    Si Satchanalai Restauarant

    Sukhothai Restaurants

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