Siem Reap to Stung Treng

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  1. Siem Reap/Tbaeng Mean Chey(TMC)/Stung Treng
    I am after some info on the following route.
    1st day,Siem Reap to TMC via route/track 66 and 64,plus visit Prasat Bakan on the way.
    2nd Day,side trip from TMC to Koah Ker Prasats,then return to TMC
    3rd Day TMC to Stung Treng via route 214 and/or 216,whichever is most scenic.
    4th Day Stung Treng to Kratie via river track along the Mekong.(My map shows a path that hugs the river which,if passable,would be preferable to the broken up main route.
    If anyone has covered these routes,I would much appreciate some info on the condition of the roads and things to see..
    Will be riding my XR250,I am experienced with bad roads,tracks in Cambodia.
  2. Bill
    Check out ... OPIC_ID=11
    for a bit of very recent info on
    kratie - stung treng - ko chheuteal tom - voen kham.
    This might be a help.
    There's a French trio in Northern Laos (Luang Nam Tha) riding a couple of Honda AX1 250s right now, & they came thru from kratie - stung treng - ko chheuteal tom - voen kham a few weeks ago. They said it was quite tough in places, but they seemed to manage it ok.
    One of my riding mates on a BMW R1150GS tried to get thru from Veun Kham a few weeks ago, but gave up after dropping it 3 times in the 1st 25 kms from the Lao border. So it would seem that a heavy bike is not the way to go.
    Pls keep us informed on how you go.

    Keep the power on
  3. bill, david
    I did a brief article on route 66 on tales of asia website and bayon pearnik website (this issue) usually I duplicate them and post but have been lazy to put it on a disc and bring to the internet shop. last I heard from one of my staff that went home,there was a lot of water in the t'beng meanchey area towards preah vihear, but that has been just over a month ago and it seems that the mekong and tonle sap rivers are receding rapidly. I havent done the trip yet but my partners have and it looks like fun, but as dave said, a big bike will be a problem as there were a few plank paths to get thru some bad stuff and then once at the mekong they had to get their bikes (205 bajas) on a boat that was not too accommodating. lots of dirt and great scenery. route 66 should be pretty nice at this time of year. the route from stung treng to kratie I am told is pretty boring but doable. I would recommend you take the boat to kratie, do a day trip to the 100 column temple there and then see the dolphins. from kratie, follow the river down to kampong cham which is a great ride. plenty of scenic views of the mekong, cham villages, wats and even a colonial light house at kroachamar. we crossed to the west side at treah (actually missed the crossing and had to double back) then into kampong cham. north of kampong cham there is hanchey on a hill. old prasat and a wat. in kampong cham there is a old ruin as well as a couple of prasats east of kampong cham about 30K.
  4. Jim/David
    Thanks for the feedback.I read your article Jim.Sounds like Siem Reap to Prasat Bakan is a full day.
    If I overnight in Ta Seng/Bakan,I might head straight across to Stung Treng via route 213 and 216.Probably get some advice off the locals in Ta Seng.May call into ca2 on the way up.
  5. water levels dropping fast overhere now. you should beable to head west from ta seng with out problems to the main road, then north to t'beng meanchey then accross to stung treng.

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