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  1. Update on road condition Sihanoukville to Pattaya via Sre Ambel and Koh Kong
    I did this trip on Jan 6 2006 and returned Jan 11
    The road condition between Sre Ambel to Koh Kong is now very good.
    From Sre Ambel to the 3rd river crossing, 90% of the road is graded smooth.
    From the 3rd river to Koh Kong, 50% is sealed and 90% of unsealed road is graded smooth
    Bridge construction has commenced over the 1st and 4th river crossings, but I’d give it at least 12 months before the first bridge is complete.
    I paid Bt20 and Bt30 for the small and big ferries respectively.
    They asked for $1.00 , I was riding a 250cc. The locals pay Bt15 (1500riel) for a small moto.
    Trip time Sihanoukville to Koh Kong was 4.5hrs, cruising on 80 to 90kmph, distance ~250km.
    No problems taking the bike into Thailand if you have a registration plate and card. The dodgy rego’s are fine.
    License wasn’t asked for until my return trip where I was stopped at a military checkpoint 25km Bangkok side of Trat. Dodgy Cambodian license was well received (they couldn't read it anyway).
    No insurance was asked for but I’m told it’s required at Poipet so “maybeâ€
  2. Hi I'm interested to do this trip but from Pattaya to Sihanoukville instead of entering via Poi Pet Can I check with you the condition of the unpaved sections that you have mentioned ? Reason being you were on a XR 250 but I will be taking a heavily loaded XLV 1000 from Singapore. Also will it be advisab;e for me to spend a night at Koh Kong first before riding onto to Sihanoukville? Thanks
  3. Hi Murphy
    On a large touring bike it will probably take around 5 hrs Pattaya to the border.Koh kong to Sihanoukville will take around another 5 hrs depending on how lucky you are timing the ferries.
    I would overnight in Koh Kong or Trat.
    You should be OK on your XLV1000 for the dirt sections of the Koh Kong Sre Ambel leg.
    Ninety percent is graded flat and we haven't had much rain lately.
    I rode large road bikes for many years in Australia and wouldn't have a problem taking such a bike on the dirt sections in their present condition.
  4. Ok Bill thanks for the info

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