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  1. Today we had the pleasure to go out riding with Darren. I used to go riding with him years ago together with Kiyo Hatori. His KTM is on hellofabike. The looks are great and when I tried it, I didn’t want to continue riding on my XR 250. That seems to be the perfect bike for around here, if you have the cash, if not stick to your XR.

    The offroad tour took us around Doi Suthep and Doi Pui and the to the X-center as usual.
    George had a flat tire there, but they didn’t have any tubes – so I had to run down to Mae Rim to get some spare. This is the last time I will be riding without spare tubes.

    The nice thing about this area is that we’re always able to find new connecting roads or tracks. The jungle is burnt in most places and sometimes the fire is not far away. So far we’ve been lucky and always could escape the big flames.

    I had some trouble with a bend gear lever and a spear-like bamboo going trough my hand protector, luckily I could pull off my hand before I got speared.


    Huay Tung Tao Shortcut


    Very steep passage here….

    Holding on to a tree……


    Trying to find a new track….


    The great fall…….


    Lifting the b…. up…..

    Watching the spectacle…


    60 year old german tool


    Changing the tire at x-center…..

    Darren’s wheely…..

    George’s wheely…..

    Stuck in the salad….

    Bamboo spear….

    Underneath a tree…

    Almost thru…..

    Cheers, Darren….

    Another log….

    Don’t fall off here….
  2. Here's two videos from the trip:

  3. You guys really enjoy outdoors,,ha hill, where was "the great fall" must be picture doing tricks as it dont look so steep,but im sure it was..

    fantastic clips
  4. Hi Marco,
    thanks for your reply. The 'great fall' was just behind the 700 year stadium, there's some great offroad out there.....and yes it was damn steep. My XR ran out of juice half way up and I had to find another trail, because I couldn't manage to get up there in one piece.
  5. Saxonator

    thats the problem with pictures,, one never can get actual steepness or real picture out of nice place,,
    I tryed ofsoading my "Panzar wagen" and it was not good,, so i have to eenjoy your guys trip reports and i stick in tarmaks and sand roads..LOL

    keep em' coming
  6. Hi Marco,

    I wouldn't call it a panzer wagen, it's more like a flagship. Not exactly suited for offroad, but at the end I still remember doing some offroad with my VT 1100 Honda Shadow until I ended up with a brocken cranck housing and 20 k Baht Bill. I'm shure we gonna amuse some more in the future.

    Cheers Rudi
  7. This is the last part of the video compilation for this issue.

    Soundtrack: Rudi Junior
    Camera: Rudi Junior

    Stunts and action: Charles Bronson aka George, Mahatma Skin aka Rudi and Darren aka Darren

  8. Rudi - Man its been three months since I've been out trail riding cuz of the leg and seeing you boys enjoying it and having a laugh says it all. Good stuff. Glad to see Darren enjoying his new toy, certainly is a beauty. That singletrack trail from Huey Thin Tao to Mae Rim really looks dry and barren this time of year.

    Thanks for posting.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Hope you get better soon and go riding again.
    Maybe one day we can do some riding together - if you don't mind old XR's.

    Cheers Rudi

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