South from kanchanaburi to hua hin/cha am by the back roads

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    Hi all, sick of the boring ride from Kanchanaburi south to Hua Hin by Highway 4?

    Below is the route I have taken a few times to beat the boredom and danger.
    It may add up to an hour to your trip (say minimum 3 hours) but there is plenty to see along the way, it is all single lane country roads, flat with a few bends to keep you awake. (just follow the route in blue)


    Take road 18 just out of Kanchanaburi, this turns south and leads into a number of well marked rural roads (see map above) keep riding south until you are on road 3432 you will eventually come to a cross roads, turn right to KAENG KRACHEN National Park, there is also a race track on a turn off to the right along this road, which can be hired for 1000bht a day.
    Turn left and you will eventually get to THA YANG, just north of CHA AM.
    Keep going south and you will get to Highway 4, not far from HAU HIN.

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  3. TonyBKK

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    Good stuff! There are some fantastic roads around Kaeng Krachan National Park and Kaeng Krachan Circuit is a lot of fun too!

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