Stung Treng- Viet border


Jan 28, 2006
It starts with a 19 km highway out of ST, its brand new built by the chinese. At the 19 km intersection you turn right for Phnom Penh and straight for Banlung/Vietnam. This is a dirtroad which is in suprisingly good condition after the rains. I have seen some wildlife along this road such as Chivet cat, peacocks, a lot of other strange birds and snakes ( keep your legs up ).

Dirtroad is 126 km and a few villages along the road, you can get water and fuel at those places.

You can do it in two hrs but I prefer to take it a bit slower and enjoy the beautiful surrondings.
Abot 40 km from intersection there is a bridge over the Sre Pok river, always strong stream here and a lot of rapids at low water.

Banlung can be a bit dusty but roadwork around town has make it a bit better, the roadwork Banlung -Viet border was opened by PM Hun Sen 4th Februari but hasen't started yet, sigh.

Frm Banlung towors the border the road is not good anymore, it's a fun motocrosstrack when dry and totally impossible when wet. 25 km from Banlung you come to an intersection at Bo Keo, left is Andong Meas 35 km away, it's a village at The Se San river.

Another 6 km down the viet road is another intersection, turn right and 24 km down this newly built dirtroad is the Lumkut lake, bigger and much less visited than it's sister lake Yaklom in Banlung.
I've benn camping at the lake a couple of times, it's a fantastic place with no visitors.

Banlung-border is around 70 km and it took us nearly 3 hrs last month, most of it is dry but many detours that slowed us down.
At the border we were welcomed by a female officer who told us that if we had our passport with viet visas we could cross with our bikes.
I said that the word is no bikes bigger than 175cc aloud in Vietnam, she said " don't listen to others, I work here and know, the viet side is very friendly also due to the remote location",,,,dunno what to think as the only thing you here when it comes to Vietnam is MInsk Minsk and nothing but the Minsk.

I will put a Viet visa in my PP next time I am down to PP and give it a try.

If you want to stay in Banlung, you are welcome to my place

Norden House Yaklom is a brand place with six bungalows a bar restaurant and sauna ( I am from Sweden )
We also have 250 and 400 for rent, all my bikes in mint condition.
If you come on your own ride, I have Castrol oil and filters to Honda XR and Suzuki DRZ. A place to work and tools for repairs or service, FOC

Welcome to Ratanakiri, a dirtbikers dream

Nisse [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]


Feb 22, 2006
Hi Hovis,

Thanks for the post, good timing as I am planning to be out that way in a couple of weeks time. I would love to be able to get the bike into Vietnam but I don’t think I will have time on this ride.