Sun Is Shining, I'm Off To Nan!

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  1. Looked like we were in for a break in the weather, so I decided to do a quick overnight blast to Nan.

    Figured traffic would be heavy during Asalha Bucha, but it wasn't too bad on Monday. Took the quick root from Lampang (11-1023-101), as I got a late start and wanted to get there quick. The twisties on 101 were good, and the traffic was easily dealt with.

    The hotels I normally stay at, near Mike's, were all booked, so I reserved an economy room at Dheverat. 600 baht without their less than inspiring breakfast. Clean, no complaints. Lot of tourists in Nan, but the Dheverat was strangely quiet.





    Was planning on having dinner at Mike's, but they are closed on Monday. A littel help from Foursquare had me walking to Bicyger. Their double cheeseburger is massive. Sort of a cross between a cheeseburger and a sloppy joe. A fork and knife are mandatory. After eating this thing, you might want to spend some time on an actual bicycle.




    Tuesday, started off with breakfast at Hot Bread. Good as usual, and the people are so nice.


    South on 101 and 1026 to Na Noi. Then a right on 1216 and up over Doi Kuhn Satan. What a spectacular ride. It has been about 5 years since I have ridden this. Lots of fresh asphalt, and a few new roadside coffee shops have opened up.


    A left on 101 and back to Lampang the way I came. Heading home there were quite a few dicks in BMWs and such overtaking in the opposite direction. Not a care at all for my safety, forcing me onto the shoulder at speed. :(

    All in all, a satisfying ride with no rain at all. Time to hunt down some new rotors for the evil twin. By the end of the trip, they were causing the brake lever to pulsate badly and made smooth braking difficult.

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    I still like the Dheveraj, but yeah it's probably time for a major renovation to keep pace with all the newbies, however it still has the location for me + under cover parking + hot water that gushes out.

    Glad you did R1216 again, for that surely is one of the most under rated & under ridden roads.

    For those who haven't done it yet

    1216, a hidden Pearl in Nan?

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Go To Nan
  3. The last part of the road work on the east side of the summit is now completed. Rainy season is the best time to go. From X-mas and onwards it's packed with local tourists.
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