Suspension upgrade CRF250L

Discussion in 'Technical' started by mgeepers, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. mgeepers

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    I'm wondering if any one has any experience upgrading their bikes suspension in Thailand and can recommend a good suspension tech preferably in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. I am thinking of buying a Race Tech shock and fork springs kit but I don't feel confident to do the installation work myself. As much as I love this bike it's under-sprung and bottoms out on the trail when loaded up.
    Cheers MG
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  3. hockeyrick

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    I installed and EPM progressive spring, fitted air valves-think I will get the gold valving for the front, my rear is a stock shock but again an EPM progressive spring.
    RT is good, YSS is a bit expensive, same for Ohlin shock
    Mine handles ok for the cost
    would add pics but dont seem to figure out how to do that here!
  4. mgeepers

    mgeepers Active Member

    So did you do the instal yourself?
  5. hockeyrick

    hockeyrick Member

    Yeah, it really is pretty straightforward.
  6. bradmeister

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    Good day all,
    Not that I typically respond to old posts/Threads but......
    The CRF 250, 250L and the New Rally have suspension solutions from Ohlins and Race Tech.
    The Race tech fronts seem to be working Best with the Ohlins rear. Why you ask? Since the Race tech is a modification with returning springs and fluid to BOTH tubes, not just an increased spring rate to 1 side.

    If your not more than about 85 kilos, you could get away with the stiffer Ohlins in the front and the MX TTX Rear. If you are closer to the 95-100 Kilo Mark...The Race Tech Fronts are preferred, but again, they are ofered in only 1 Spring rate at the time if this posting.

    Below are the Pics of said Mods......


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  7. mgeepers

    mgeepers Active Member

    Yes this was an old post I have had the Ohlins rear shock and fork spring setup for more than a year now, it was installed by Dirt Shop Bangkok and I'm very happy the bike rides so much better in all situations, highly recommended !!
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  8. brian_bkk

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