Suzuki Caribbean build continues

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  1. Well, The car is coming along fine. Taking a bit longer than I expected though! Serviced the transfer box with new seals and all new universal joints in the drive shafts.


    It's all the little details that take time... Cleaning, painting and replacing all the perished or worn bits. Engine/Gearbox mounts, doors seals etc. Patched up the 2 rust holes.



    Before the engine went in gave it a service and fitted a new timing belt as a precaution. Engine is in and runs great...Lots of little things to tidy up but the main install done.


    I Will give the car to Suzuki to do the front axle seals and new rear wheel bearings. Too much hassle without a car lift. Also the Cockpit tyre shop on the Hang Dong road should be able to change the springs for me when I get new tyres.
    New bumpers waiting to go on and a bit of interior work and it should be ready for a trip...Must get some bike riding in too!
  2. Hi Trev,
    I put the Same Engine in My Caribbean and Goes Like Hell! Trouble is the Rough Ride and Shitty Steering!!! Good Springs and Shocks could fix the Ride but not sure How to make the Steering better??? I would love to take a look at Yours once you have it finished Come over and Show Me?
  3. Hi Ian,
    I'm really impressed with the engine too. Luckily my gearbox is in very good condition, so with the new shifter sheet etc. it drives like a new car!

    It would be great to have a look at your Suzuki, I'm still looking for a few ideas! let you know when I can get out there...

    Did you do a lift on yours? This can cause bump steer because of the steering rod angle. Also a lift changes the caster up the front so it will help to get some shims to correct this. ... shims.html

    Not sure how much lift I will end up with, the springs are meant to be 2 - 3 inch. (Plus 1 inch for the drop shackles) so I'll probably need about 3 Degrees to correct the caster. Don't have the shims yet because I'm hoping to find some in Thailand.

  4. Nice job Trev ! BTW is this still the original 1300 cc engine or did you fit a bigger displacement one ?? Rgds, Franz
  5. Hi Franz,

    I fitted a fuel injected 1.6l 16 valve engine ( Japan import ) that's the same as used in the Suzuki Vitara. The stock 1.3l 8 valve is meant to put out 64 HP and the new engine is rated at 99 HP. Nice boost of power and from other reports should be more economical too...A lot of fun to drive, car can now go up hills and overtake safely! The hardest part of the swap is the wiring for the new engine.

    Some more info here:


  6. Hi Trev,
    Just call me any time or Just Turn up at the X-Centre to take a look. Mine is used as a Staff Run about so gets abused on a Daily Basis. Great Power though if You can get Grip!!! Needs a Limited Slip Diff as it is constantly spinning one Wheel! Makes Good Burnouts though!!!

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