Suzuki Caribbean on the road.

Discussion in '4WD - Any message here' started by trevbart, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Except for a few small details the Suzuki is finished (at last)
    A lot of fun to drive. Has surprised a few bigger vehicles with it's ability to keep up or overtake!
    Trips away so far, Chang Kong, Pai and LPB in Laos. No problems yet, getting about 8.8 L / 100KM average.
    So reasonably cheap to run.
    Going to change the tint ( Much too dark at dusk/night ) and convert to rear disk brakes in the future.
  2. Looking First Class Mate! How did You get on with the Steering? Mine is still a Shocker!!! Too many Turns from Lock to Lock and it Wanders when on the Road? I had New Power Steering fitted at the Suzuki Shop which didn't help at all!!! Great Power but Shit Steering? Look forward to Seeing it one day and having a Talk. Enjoy!
  3. Thanks Ian. My steering seems fine, it will alter track a little on big camber changes but never wanders much. Quite normal for the lift and bigger tires. Actually it's a lot better than I expected, good in the twisties and stable at high speed.

    I have the Vitara power steering box (and pump). The suspension is lifted a total of about 4 - 1/2 inches. Fitted a 3 inch drop Pitman arm to partially compensate for this and also added a 3 degree caster shim on top of the front springs (This corrects angle for the drop shackles). Still have the factory sway bar with modified front mounts. No steering damper fitted but I may give it a try later.

    Not sure about the lock to lock turns on mine, never noticed so must be OK.

    Will come by when I'm back from work this time...Promise! Cheers.
  4. :clap: :clap: Congratulations Bob. Now I know why I have not seen you the last couple of months - that damn jeep & Laos.
    I bet you're a happy little driver out there in the mountains in that vehicle.
    BTW where do you keep the esky?
  5. No rear seats, so lots of room for esky and "supplies" !

  6. Congrats Trevbart. I like that style, very basic, but the right modifications at the right places. And the Suzuki is still my favourit 4wheeler. Undestroyable, reliable, small enough to enter also the most dirtbike tracks and technics, which you fix by yourself. No digital trash at all.
    Good car!

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