The fun OFF road to Kampot

Nov 23, 2005
Road # 51 – 124
The fun off road to Kampot

Boring of Road # 3 going to Kampot, there is an other good option full of fun to reach Kampot, this is road 51, which become Rd. 124 later on and is situated between Nat. Road # 3 and Nat. Road # 4.

Take the airport road, then reaching the "Y " intersection where this road divides in Rd. # 3 and Rd. # 4 at Chom Chaow, continue Rd. # 4 for another 21 Km, until you reach Damnak Ampil, a busy market place. Road # 51 is crossing Rd # 4 here. Turn left and go down road 51 – 124 to the South West all time until you will reach Chum Kiri District, known on the map as Trapeang Reang. North of Chum Kiri, there are nice sections with some sand, some river crossing, one can be quite deep. Better to check out before to go in the water. Most of the bridges on this road have collapse long time ago. The Rd. South off T. Reang can be impassable in raining season. In November, a few Km. are like a canal road full of great fun (see picture)
. If you prefer to avoid this section you have the option to make a left turn in T. Reang, and go back to Rd. # 3 at Chhuk, which is only 40 Km. from Kampot.[img]

Have good fun!!@!![8D]



Nov 7, 2005
Philippe, it was great fun to go the 51/124 road but it has changed a lot since November. No broken bridges, no water on the road, no river crossing but a huge constructing site. New bridges were built or under construction. The road was despite that quite fun and much better than boring R 3 and R4. The road construction ends abruptly in Chum Kiri in a T-cross were we were advised to go left if we go to Kampot. To continue straight was not an option. So after driving 30 km on a good dust road we hit the R3 40 km before Kampot. Afterwards we understood that we missed the best parts
of R124 since we did not go straight in the T-Cross. But maybe next time. HIKO