Triumph 5TA

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  1. Saw a triumph 500 5TA yesterday made in 1957 nacelle version , belongs to a thai guy who lives in the next Street to me.I had one 32 years ago when i was 17.

    also It is rumoured that a Norton commando 850 Mk2 is for sale in Pattaya , I am investigating.I owned 5 of them in YUK best old brit bike made.

  2. Whereabouts is the 5TA Jerry ? I'll go and have a nose when I'm back in town [:eek:)]

    Great bike the old Commando but do they handle as good as a featherbed Dominator [?]
  3. Had a 62 5TA (Speed Twin) when I was 19. Was done out in street-scrambler style with knobblies, high pipes e.t.c. Looked better than the new "Scrambler" from Triumph (sorry Rhodie!), but I probably pushed it as far as I rode it during the time I had it. [:(]


  4. Penetrator its 50yda on the left down the little soi behind my house.

  5. Jerry, where are you based? I thought you were in Pattaya but maybe you are in CNX? The reason is that today at CM Speedway bike racing meet, there was a black 5TA! Was done out semi-street scrambler but with the nacelle on and low level pea shooter pipes. It looked "well used" and didn't have a plate. Same bike?


  6. Jerry is based in Pattaya and so therefore is the 5TA, he's a near neighbour of mine when I'm in country which is handy for me when I need a chain tightening from pulling too many wheelies [}:)]

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