Triumph Dealer Tool

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Hoghead, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Modern bikes are difficult if not impossible for the home enthusiast to maintain due to the electronics. I sometimes wonder if this is a factory scam to force one to take it to the Dealer, however here is a device that allows the non-Dealer to do most routine maintenance.
    Looks to have more functionality than a generic OBD tool, will clear the wrench icon nagging for service, and will allow proper bleeding ABS brake systems.

    While Dealer work is relatively cheap here, some prefer do do their own work, and trust the quality of their work more than the Dealer. I just ordered one for my T-120 Bonnie

    DealerTool diagnostic access to your ECU, for Triumph, Keihin and Sagem ECUs. Dealer Tool OBD and diagnostic interface for Daytona, 675, sprint, speed triple, bonneville, tiger, Rocket3, Rocket
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  2. Great Job!
  3. I have one for my Tiger 800 XCx. Great tool and great support via email. Also nice to be able to bleed the ABS properly.
  4. Good to hear and waiting for mine to arrive

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