Triumph Tiger Adventure.

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  1. The Next Video is out for the Promo of the New Triumph Tiger Adventure. This one is the Second and Talks about the Engine! They are releasing them at different intervals as Teasers. Can't Wait to see the Real Bike. Looks good the more they Show Us! Check it out here: ... il-English
  2. Some Teaser Shots of the Triumph Adventure off the Brit Bikes Web Site! Looks very similar to the BMW F800GS ! Can't wait for it's release to see it in the Flesh and find out all it's Specs? Looks pretty narrow and light in the Photo's. Could be a Ripper!!!
  3. The Next Installment of the Video leaks on the New Triumph Adventures is Out!
    Click here: ... eadventure
    This New Video is about the Chassis! Seems they will have 2 New Bikes, One Road Orientated and One Off Road/Adventure Orientated! Looks Nice from what We can See? Now What Size is the Engines???
  4. from MCN - it's beginning to look very promising
    the line drawing below is clearly showing the mag rather than spoked wheel road biased version.

    How new Triumph Tiger 800 matches up to BMW F800GS
    By Guy Procter -
    New bikes
    01 September 2010 16:59


    This week’s MCN (out now) exclusively reveals more details of Triumph’s new adventure bike, the Tiger 800.

    But how does it match up to its obvious rival, BMW’s F800GS?

    Armed with a brawnier version of the already muscular 675 motor means the new Tiger is off to a headstart, with Triumph testers remarking on ‘startling’ torque from the longer-stroke 800 motor.

    We also expect Triumph to tackle one of the F800’s weaknesses head-on: the Tiger 800 will have a tank at least two litres bigger (18l+).

    Here are the specifications:

    BMW F800GS Triumph Tiger 800
    Power 85bhp 100bhp
    Torque 60ftlb 65ftlb
    Weight 185kg 185kg
    Tank 16 litres 18+ litres
  5. Hi Slash,
    The Triumph Guys from the Factory here Told Me that All Triumph Engines are Made in England. Assembly done in Thailand. All Research and Development is also done in the UK.
    It will be very interesting to see the Bike in the Flesh and the Price!!! Probably here in Thailand December I am told?
  6. It has Just been Released in Europe!

    Hey Ian,
    You’ve waited long enough, they’re ready!
    Triumph’s new Tiger 800 and Tiger 800XC have today been unveiled to an expectant crowd at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Italy.
    To find out all you need to know about our all-new three-cylinder 800cc Tigers and to sign up for a test ride, head over to

    Start your adventure

    We look forward to riding with you soon!
    Check out: ... il-English ... il-English

    I asked at the Triumph Opening yesterday and they said it will be January before it arrives here.
  7. Looking good so far...

  8. Tiger 800 and Tiger 800XC
    710,000 and 740,000 ?
  9. Definately, according to my local dealer. At the launch night of the new Speed Triple there was talk of a new shaft drive 1200cc joining the Tiger 800 to match the BMW range model for model.
  10. Love the bikes but just hate what they have done to the speed and street triples with the headlights..

    Sure so they needed to 'modernize' them a bit.. But damn they are fugly, stick way too far forward and just look like a badly thought out streetfighter home done bodge to me.
  11. Attended the Triumph New Model Release party with some of the other hooligans night before last and it was nicely done and the new Tiger 800 is an awesome looking bike, but with a price tag of 710k Baht for the base version and 740k Baht for the XC version I think I'll stick with my cheap as chips Versys for the time being ;-)


    Ride On!

  12. Looks quite Small in the Picture Tony! How did it feel in comparison to the Versys in Size? One Advantage of Living in Bangkok I suppose is You get to go to all the Launch Parties!!!
  13. It's a great looking bike- compact and tough. It was on it's center stand, so I'm not quite sure how the seat height compares to that of the Versys but I think I read somewhere that it's not as tall as the Versys. The 800cc triple engine should be fantastic and Triumph seems quite confident their new Tiger 800 will run circles around the heavier BMW F800GS.

    I believe West already ordered one so hopefully we'll get his feedback on the new bike soon!

    Happy Trails!

  14. Saw Bananaboy in the Facebook launch party pics.. Didnt see any option to tag him as that tho so left it ;)
  15. Have you got a link to the photos mate?
  16. I had a test ride this afternoon - quite a bike, so tight and responsive, didn't seem to care what gear it was in when in traffic. Made my Versys feel very "sloppy" engine wise. Build quality was superb. Quite a sound, like a sewing machine on coke - very satisfying. At 6'3 (me!) the base model was low for me though even with the seat fully up. The XC is apparently taller so I intend to have a look at that. The h'bar position seems very low compared to my modified V.

    I had to modify the versys (foot pegs lowered, handlebar risers fitted and an air cushion) to get it to fit me just right so the Triumph handlebar position seemed quite low to my tastes but if they work that out for me - I may just have to buy one!

    I absolutely loved it BUT when I got back on my V - I absolutely loved the riding position and the fact it forgives me for everything I foul up. BUT I now want an XC - even though I have not sat on one - just for that engine!
  17. Just a query. This link from the triumph face book launch thingy

    Is this the SE Tiger 1050? I enquired about Triumph importing this version some time ago and they told me they wouldn't be importing! I'm not keen on the current available model colours but the SE in grey/silver looks hot and you get all the touring gear with it. There were some other extras that I have totally forgot also specific to the SE. Oooooh this has got me thinking.....
  18. Yep that is the one. Tiger 1050 ABS SE
    Dunno why they tell you they are not importing......l
    They sold one a wee while ago. Same colour. A German fella bought it. Nice lad, rode with him when he was running it in. Brilliant contrast and people were ogling his and completely ignoring my White Mighty Tiger :(
    If you got the money, then yes they will get one for you.

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