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  1. Can anyone recommend a tire shop in Chiang Mai that can install tubeless tires without tubes? From installation through three flats with my Michelin Pilot Sporty tires, all four shops have said "can't do" for some reason. I'd like to be able to repair the tires on my own when out riding in the hinterlands, so tubeless is the way to go. Getting a new rear tire on Monday since I shredded it on glass a few days ago so want to get rid of the tubes on both ends. Any recommended shops?
  2. Captain... Thanks for the reply. I do have mag wheels on my CBR-150, and have friends with the same bike that run them. I've never been able to get a good answer from the shops on what the problem might be, so that is why I am here looking for a recommended shop. I only really had time to pin one shop down, asking if there were cracks or what.... but never got a real answer. I'm thinking the shops did not have enough air reserve (needed with tubeless tires) to seat the bead. So.... I am still all ears to hear of a good tire shop.
  3. Hi Idaho,

    Maybe try a Cockpit Shop... There are for car tyres, but they can get bike tyres too...
    I never used them but had heard they were OK...
    Well known in CNX is Cockpit Shop on Hang Dong Road (right hand side going to Hang Dong, about 2 kilometers after lhs Tesco Lotus)...

    If can help...

  4. Change the tyres for something other than Michelin Pilots sports they are rubbish, very prone to faliure and fast wearing use Pirelli .Metzler, HRC
  5. Monster Man....Based on three flats from nails and glass and lots of wear in 6000 km, I would tend to agree with you. Love Metzler's but they sure are expensive in Thailand.

    Captain.... I'll give the Honda Shop a try as I know they have a hefty compressor and I need an oil change anyway. Thanks all for the help.
  6. Idaho Rider
    Hope you get sorted out.

    Nat at Piston Shop is always a good guy to deal with.

    John Nash at Johnadda guesthouse is also very knowledgeable & helpful re CBR150s.

    Sounds like you've been doing a bit of riding too. Any chance of a brief trip report - where, how good / bad / easy / fun it was?
    Where did you get the flat tyres - up-country on remote roads or all in the city?
  7. IDAHO. What size pilot sportys are you using?
    I had them on a Cbr 150 and did about 6,000km's before selling the bike. I would say the wear was ok for what are a soft grippy tyre. if you want LOTS of mileage go back to the IRC's. If you want a compromise then look at the mt75 Pirelli's from.
    see here for some info[/img]
  8. Well, thanks to Cap'n Slash's suggestion to go to the Honda Shop, I am now running tubeless tires! They had to order some apparently special stems but had me on the road in short order. Took a quick run up the Sameong Road and then south with the Dedicated Companion Unit and things are swell.

    Thai CBR... I like the Sporty's for grip in dirt and road, but I can't believe that my 17 horses of raw power ripped the rear tire apart three times. (100/80 rear, 90/80 front per your suggestions) Well, the flats were screws and glass, but three in 6000 km is a bit much. I would never go back to the IRCs as I had an IRC front tire split on me. Luckily felt the bumping from the bulge before the tire completely split. At 120, it would have been a lot more interesting.

    And David... The only flat that occurred outside of town was near Mae Chaem. That was a half day adventure with three guys prying the tire off and patching tubes. But they got me back on the road again so no worries.

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