V2 Engine Rebuild?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Mr Damage, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. In Chiang Mai my Suzuki Intruder VS800 has been blowing black smoke out one cylinder at idle for a while and just doesn't run right even after tune ups, the bike runs like it gets hit my a turbo at mid revs. Both pipes are black and sooty. It was played around with and modified previously so don't know if they played with the jets etc. Other day though had petrol smelling oil pour out of my rear cylinder vent tube. Not sure if yet another useless mechanic forgetting to put back the tube from carb to air cleaner helped.

    Basically I need a mechanic that knows what he is doing to go over it and see how bad it is, electrical, valve seats rings etc. Pipat doesn't want to play with it any more, Joes told me a while back that I would have to wait 6 months to book it in and that it would be seriously, seriously expensive. A visiting mechanic friend reckoned it was an electrical problem, coil or engine management, but it does have spark.

    Anyone know a mechanic that actually knows what he is doing and doesn't see me as his retirement plan? Thanks if anyone can help, I'd really like to actually get to ride this bike! Cheers.
  2. There can be only One!
    "Joes Bike Shop" Call 053-251186.
    Address is:
    26/1 Soi 2 Chang Moi Rd.
    Turn left down the street with Mikes Burger on the Corner. Go down to the Bike Parts Place on Your Right, beside that is a Bank. Go down the Alley beside the bank it is about 60 Metres in on the Right Side. Good Luck.
  3. Thanks for that Ian, they kind of brushed me off before, but if it really is the only option I can always go back and beg. I can get a another motor off EBay with low kilos but that will cost THB45,000 (ouch) with shipping but then no doubt customs will have a feeding frenzy when it arrives.
  4. he he.. I got brushed off at Joes also.. then when I went back with a problem interesting enough for them they really came out trumps and managed what no one else could.

    I brought an engine in, wasnt as simple as I hoped.. Thank god my customs agent was a gem as I would never have got all the paperwork to get the engine legally changed in the bike without her going back multiple times making customs rewrite it.

    Plus theres all kinds of shipping issues if you air freight a used engine.. Needs declarations of flushed vapours etc.
  5. "They kind of brushed me off before", That is the Only Trouble at Joe's Shop, How to get them to work on Your Bike??? It is a Small operation and they are somewhat Choosy on what they work on! I normally just leave My Bike there and say do it when ever You can, No Time Limit, No Rush! Of Course helps if You have another Bike to Ride in the meantime! Trust me the Wait is worth the Quality of their Work!
  6. I tried Joe's, they said to check back again in a couple of weeks as were too busy to take anything on at the moment. Guess if you are the only good option in town then you are going to be busy. Maybe best if try Ian's strategy, take the bike up there and leave it, suspect only good for a one way trip any way. Ian, my kids love your slide carts by the way, new track much more fun than the old dirt one.
  7. Yeah, I had a feeling there would be complications. Brought in lots of parts from EBay via the post and never had any problems, but once Customs get involved...

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