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  1. [/quote] 274748=7565-DSC08924.
    274748=7563-DSC08938. On 25th december 2011 we left ipoh at 10am and reach Sadao border around 1.30pm malaysian time. The journey which supposed to consist of 5 unit of vespa, but.. sad to say that 3 others had gone MIA..missing in action..(didnt turn up last minute) but we still continued the journey since we had planned the journey.. And travelling 2 is better since 5 machines has more chance of breaking down as these are classic vespa from the 70s.. to be precise 1974 and 1976 150cc two stokers..and we made the journey without the assistance of any mechanic!! Most vespa riders will not dare to undertake such long journey without qualified mechanic around!! lol We rode to Hatyai the 1st day and put up at WunNoy Hotel and carry out the journey to Surat Thani the 2nd day..

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  2. 274751=7574-DSC08956.
    274751=7566-DSC09032. # if you are wondering what are the 2 bottles we are carrying in on the rear carrier:think:...its not gasolin or gasohol.:huh:. it is tcw-3:thumbup: gred 2T oil/lubricant... as we cant be wasting time finding it in thailand as our vespa cylinders have been upgraded to the nicasil coated wall made by pinasco of italy.. its best runned on TCW3 2T.. as it burns without ash:thumbup:.. normal 2t will make the piston rings stick which will cause piston seizing in worst case scenario ... and make the chambers full of carbon:crazy:. TCW3 burns clean and keep the moving parts working like new for long period of high speed cruising on a vespa:thumbup:.. as we were maintaining speeds up to 120-130kmh most of the time when we travelled on Route 4..41...
    4142 and etc ... The standard engine will not pull over 105kmh... So the Pinascos gave us extra fun and save us alot of time in our travel to thailand.. (All classic Vespa are 2Stroke engines and we are determined to keep them alive!!!:lol:)
  3. 274762=7602-DSC09052.
    274762=7575-DSC09103. remark; the red color temple is located at Koh Samui..
  4. 274767=7614-DSC09166.
    274767=7606-DSC09183. Superb beaches of Koh Phangan... will miss them when im back to ipoh!! The time table is for Raja Ferry to Phangan... if you are planning a trip there could be very useful.. Its a must to go to the Full Moon Party.. Phangan visit is incomplete without going there.. but if you missed the Full Moon Party.. there is now the Half Moon and Black Moon Party!!! Yahooooooo...
  5. 274771=7618-DSC09217. Finally we head back to Surat Thani
    274771=7617-DSC09201. and put up a night there and just wander around there ...luckily our gps was very helpfull and it was pinpoint accurate!! we didnt miss a single turn i thailand!!
    274771=7616-DSC09215. Riding to Surat Thani from Don Sak was a joy as we rode while watching the sunset!! A ride to be remembered:D
  6. Finally we arrive in ipoh on the 30th december 2011.. its was a relieve to arrive safely and our mechanic (AH CHEONG OF S
    274773=7632-DSC09261. OON CHEONG MOTOR IPOH) was very happy for us too.. He gave us a clap which lasted for a full minute!! to congratulate us for making the journey just by 2 of us..
    274773=7631-DSC09258. satisfaction...

    And last but not least .. my special thanks to my riding Buddy ... Ken Chee of Ipoh.. for sticking together with me all the way.. to samui and phangan.. when all others (no names mentioned..) who had promised .. didnt turn up!! My Bro Ken have been riding with me for the past 11 years to all over malaysia on vespa.. and this was his first ride to Thailand.. We have learned alot from this GT-Forum... Thank You Guys!!! This is a Great Forum to be in!!!:lol:
  7. Thats my old faithful 1974 Sprint V AX1210..

    274774=7641-DSC09270. Relaxing after a long journey which lasted 6 days and it rode approx 3000km.... without missing a beat..
    Thank You AX1210!!!
    He is just hoping to go for another joyride

  8. Sir.
    I'm planning a four week journey through Laos on a Vespa PX and was wondering if you could give me an idea of what equipment, consumables, tools and spares you carried on your trip.
    My PX is stock standard.
  9. Fantastic RR! :clap:

    Wonder why I never saw it before! Glad it got a bump!

    My favorite pic-



    Happy Trails!

  10. Thanks Mate...
  11. Hello Stevibhoy..nice to hear you are riding a vespa there...are you riding alone or with a partner? Most important is stay away from gasohol ... Use only gasoline 91/95. Vespa float needles expand when gasohol is used and will cause the carbs to overflow. Is your PX running a cdi or contact point ignition? If it's a contact will need some spare and a condenser too. Remember to carry flywheel puller. Some spare 2t lube as most of the places u can find an ordinary 2t lube.. I had to carry ten liters of tcw3 as my vespa is equipped with nicasil coated cylinders. if you are running a tubeless tyres it's fine, buts if tube types...recommended to carry a small pump and few tubes. Few spark plugs would be necessary too...and tools. We did carry 2 sets of clutch plates but we didn't use it.. But better to have some spare.

    As your PX is stock standard, maintain a sweet spot in the revs... Too high or too low is equally bad. The rest should be ok. Remember to get the maps and also a gps if possible. If you have further not hesitate in contacting me. Peace!
  12. Thanks very much TonyBKK, it was a great journey on a vespa to Koh samui and Koh phangan, this picture is my Favorite too..We are planning to ride the Mae Hong Son Loop this year end, if everything goes as planned. Also with a's fun! Haha

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