Vital Information Your Woman Or Mates May Need If You Die.

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Steve Merchant, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Steve Merchant

    Steve Merchant Ol'Timer

    I have stood over my own sons ICU bed while he was in a coma after a bike accident but at least I had all the knowledge to help him. Sadly I have now had 3 friends die here in Chiang Mai and all have left problems in the wake of their death. Robert, Tom and Stephen all died without anybody having access to their funds which which would have eased the burden for those left organising their funerals. Thai style is often to start the Ban Sop rolling the next day and money is needed for food, drink, ceremonial and cremation items, etc. The morning after Tom Wignalls death his wife was at my door crying floods and asking for financial help. Stephen Earneys wife was with his body at a Chiang Mai hospital needing instant funds for the release of his body to get him back home. I'm not going to try to suggest how, thats a personal thing, but if you could find a way to let someone have access to your PIN code for such an emergency it could avoid a lot of distress. Two of these 3 men were also not married to the woman they livid with for various reasons. There may be good reasons for that but at least give some consideration to the fact that with a next of kin in England or Australia the person you have been living with will now have awful trouble even releasing your body from the hospital. She also cant get bank money, maybe cant sell your bike or car, and could have problems staying in the house. Its not easy thinking about your own death, we avoid it as much as possible but to help our woman or mates clear up our affairs we could help by providing some information in one way or another.
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  3. harrythefinn

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    A very valid point for anyone actually, maybe a higher risk for us riders. A point to ponder . Anyone with a secure method of achieving this besides a will ??
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  4. DavidFL

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    Good idea Steve.
    Perhaps a power of attorney &/or a note left with your partner / a close friend / relative with those details is a good idea.
    We never know when our time is going to be up & someone needs access to our private data.

    On a similar note something I once experienced
    D-Tracker Rider Killed
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  5. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Keep a sealed emergency envelope containing any necessary info with a close mate?
    Someone immediately contactable in an emergency & "close by."
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  6. scotty007

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    A Thai will only costs around 5000B.

    it is sensible to have a valid will in Thailand and a valid will in your home country, each one backing the other up with details of how and where you may want to be buried/cremated etc, it is often in your interest that your partner also has a valid will!
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  7. monsterman

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    keep your will separate As Uk will has no power in thailand and vicaversa and also its neater for tax reasons ,and stops the lawyers wasting your assets on international wrangling and bills , i have wills in both countries and a sheet of notes and data that my brother has giving him access to all my accounts so my family have control if the worst happens
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  8. ianyonok

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    Something we should all try and get sorted, if possible.

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