Where to find parts in Thailand for a Yamaha XJ650 ?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by svenivan, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, I am sitting up in Chiang Rai and try to get some new life in an old Yamaha XJ650.
    The bike is up running but it is not OK. I need for the carburators float gaskets, float needles and seats, probably a couple of carb floats.

    I have found some in Ebay but all in US and with shipping costs like 20 US for 1 small packet I hope to find the same here in Thailand.

    I also have a problem to find out what model it is because it was not originally sold in US or UK and all the tables that convert an engine nbr to model are only for these markets.
    The book is not telling anything about the model.

    My engine/frame nbr is 4L6-0012xx. Probably sold in Japan or Australia. Is there someone that knows how to translate this nbr into the right model?

    They made 4-5 models of the XJ650 during 1980-1986 and they had different carburators.

    Thanks in advance for your help !
  2. Try this site in the US
    postage rates are reasonable

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