who can do the job ?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by PICO-PICO, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. I got technical advise from a Silver Wing forum.

    What I should do ( forgive my technical ENglish)
    -lighten the transmission balls/ rolls by drilling open by 18,5 mm precize, to avoid imballances
    - add stronger resistance spring
    - new belt can do no harm


    God bless Internet that lets you work even at the Burmese border though my hut is so low and the doors so narrow that I suffered already injuries:)

    By the way David U. I belive the Mea Sai Guest House is priced in your book with 150 b, my bungalow is 600 b,
    Are we talking the same or am I seeing hyperinflation ??
  2. Pico,

    Get some more advise info from Silver Wing Forum about transmission upgrades. Have a look at the Malossi Site. The one I know is www.malossiuk.com. They have a selection of performance rollers, springs etc. maybe we can lower your overall ratio for hill climbing, into/out of Pattaya Town etc.. There is a Malossi guy in BKK. He may not be the expert but probably can get tech. help.

    I can come to Pattaya and do the surgery if you want I need to visit and see my other friends.

  3. Thanks Mike,

    a guy from the Silver Wing Forum has been in the Dolomites with the Original Malossi Multivar, no problem.
    So, yes I want them. Will call you.

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