X-Centre BBQ Final 2010 MotoGP

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    A BBQ at the X-Centre for the end of the 2010 MotoGP Season at Valencia, Spain.
    Do a lap of the Samoeng Loop.
    Leaving Chiang Mai approx 12.30PM
    BBQ start approx 3PM at the X-Centre.
    Watch the MotoGP Races starting 4PM?

    Thankyou & welcome back Bungy the Ambassador.
    :clap: :clap:
  2. I'm in, looking forward to plenty of pleasant company....... :smile1: , rgds, Franz
  3. Long & Myself are covering the Barbecue so You only have to buy Your own drinks! Would be good to have some Idea of Numbers to gauge the Amount of Food to Prepare so don't be Shy to Post up Your Name. See You here! :happy2:
  4. Sorry, would love to be there (really appreciated the messages announcing the races) but I will be in Laos around that time either in the far north or in the south depending on the latest weather reports from these parts of the world.
  5. You know I'll be there. Thanks. :clap:
  6. I'll be there.
  7. Count me in ! i'll be there !
  8. BBQ mmm count me in. Me and my fan I hope to meet more of you there.
  9. Yamaha have arranged Big Bike rider training in Chiang Mai for Sat 6th and Sunday 7th. I will find out what time this finishes on the Sunday and then confirm attendance at the BBQ. Very generous of Ian and Long to provide the food. Thank you.
  10. Count me in
  11. Hope to be not so jet-lagged as to be able to roll down the mountain to join you all for a little while at least.
  12. First of all a big thanks to Rong and Ian for their generous offer :mrgreen: :mrgreen: .
    Guys, that's a freebie for food and in order for the Ambassador & his wife to provide a perfect set-up & enough munchies it is only clear that all of us who will join, post their planned attendance too......... :clap:...........cheers, Franz
  13. Ian - a tip of the hat to you for doing the BBQ. I'll make it out there for a ching wag.
  14. Will be there...
    However being vegetarian won't make much damage to the BBQ... With your blessing could dig the ground around X-Centre to secure some roots and grab leaves from the trees...
  15. Long is preparing Salads and other Vegetarian Food accordingly as there are a few People I know are Vegetarians!I am sure You won't Starve!
  16. Many thanks Khun Ian... Kiwis are not only world's best rugby players (especially in the Southern Hemisphere :think: ) you are also great hosts!
  17. Thanks for your generosity khun Bungy sir. I'll be in the shop until 5:45 but will sprint home, grab the missus & step-nipper and head over. Save me a BBQ'd pigs testicle please...... ;)


  18. Looks like the MotoGP telecast starts at 5PM on Sunday.

    So for those wanting to do the Samoeng Loop
    Depart Cnx 1.30PM
    Ride to Samoeng
    Ride to X-Centre, with group photo at the Samoeng Viewpoint.

    ETA X-Centre 3.15PM approx??
    Kick back & relax. Put some wood on the barbie, chill out, eat & drink & watch the races from 5PM on.

    :idea: In Cnx depart from
    Euro Dinner?
    Depart From Miguels Nong Hoi at 1.30PM.
    Miguels is on the south side of town.
    Ride south down R106 to the outer ring road R121, turn right & head to Samoeng at a gentle pace on R1269.
    Coffee stop in Samoeng at Supannee's.
    Then back track to R1096 & the police box.
    Turn left & continue R1096. Take a group photo at the Samoeng Viewpoint & have a smoke for some.
    Back on the bikes & continue onto the X-Centre.
    ETA X-Centre 3.15-3.30 PM??

    For those inclined have lunch at Miguels beforehand.
  20. Hi Ian and Long, Yamaha rider training scheduled to finish at 4pm. So will head to the X-Centre after that.
    Should be in time for the race and hopefully a sausage or two still on display!
  21. Not sure how many guys are turning up tomorrow, but it would be nice to see a nice lot of GT Rider shirts being worn for a group photo. :wave:
  22. I'm in
    See you at Miguels
  23. Will also be at Miguels with the misses.
  24. Slash I don't doubt you enjoyed yourself at the X-Centre. Exactly how many repeat servings of food did you partake?
  25. img_1252.


    A big turn out & very pleasing indeed to see many guys there, & some with their partners. :thumbup:

    A HUGE THANKS to Ian & Long at the X-Centre for their excellent hospitality & continual support of GT Rider & all motorcyclists in & around Chiang Mai.
    :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Next event The TJ Hamilton-Siinthai MHS Loop Memorial Ride.
    please confirm your participation asap to have a room held for you in MHS.

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