1024 Phrae into Nan A. Muang Li

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    I have been touring around the past few weeks. Sorry I don't have the photographic abilities of the Master Capt Slash. But I thought I might note a new paved road over the mountains from Phrae down into Nan Province following route 1024. I only had a 2007 edition of the blue northern Thailand road map. The 1024, which traverses the high corn growing countryside, ends at a village amed Pak Oaui Tai, or something like that. But there is a new paved road that keeps going and ends up somewhere in Amphoe Li to a road leading into Na Muen. I am not certain where I ended up, can't find the exact spot on the map, but it does provide an alternative to returning to the Phrae area. Note that this road was one of the steeper paved roads I have encountered yet, and I was forced to use first gear and lean forward on some sections heading east riding a D-Tracker. I will post some pics and bump this up once I return home and have access to some photo software.
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    Capt, hopefully you can figure out where I landed in Amphoe Lee as I went back along the 1024 route back to Phrae that day. BTW, when you get to the bottom of the new connecting road (rural development rd 4010 I think) into A. Lee at the high school take a right, go past the gas station and at the left turn in the road there is an eating spot, on your right, where a young guy makes a great lunch. He used to work near Tapae Gate and speaks some English. Again be careful, the newly paved rural development road has some short sections far steeper than anything on the 1024.
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    Johpa wrote:
    I think you mean that road. Linked from Ban Huai Kum 1134 to east Phrae mountain and Ban Pak Huai Oi





    These picture is taken the next day up to Phrae mountain


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    Yes, that is the correct name of the village. The 1024 ends in that village soon after the T-junction with the 1343 as seen in your pic, although it intersects with another road heading north just before you enter the village, I believe it is the 1217. The new paved rural road from Pak Huai Oi connects up with a road that shows up on Google maps as running, and ending soon, due north of Muang Li which is over the mountains in Nan Province.
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    I am finally back home and able to post some images of my ride.

    Here are a few of the 1024.



    And I was wondering what those large blue tanks were that I saw being towed along by tractors everywhere. They certainly make a lot of noise while throwing out a whole lot of corn husks and dust.


    And here are a few pics of the steep road between Baan Pak Huai Oi and Baan Don Moon in Ampoe (?) Lee in Nan Province. These do not show just how steep a few sections of the road are but do show the sign and the village name on the Nan side and give an idea of the type of road.



    And finally a nice pic of Baan Pak Huai Oi coming down from the 4010. The beginning of the 1024 can be seen on the other side of the village.


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