2020 Gtr Mhs Memorial Ride # 12

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    Mark your calendars folks for the 12th Annual GTR Mae Hong Son Memorial Ride for the 2nd weekend of November 2020.

    The date: Saturday 7th November 2020.

    The GTR Chedi in Mae Hong Son
    Google Maps

    The first ride started in 2009

    Some history
    What started out 10 years ago as a fun ride in memory of two good riding mates has now developed into a respected memorial ride with a soul that culminates in a moving ceremony at the GTR Chedi atop Wat Doi Kong Mu in Mae Hong Son.

    The first ride started here
    The Tj John Hamilton - Simon Siinthai Grant Memorial Ride

    The first ride was for TJ Tropical John Hamilton and Simon Grant, two best mates from Phuket, who came to North Thailand regularly, for motorbike rides and befriended the GTR Community in Chiang Mai, such that we were all good buddies.

    John TJ Hamilton, 7 April 1951 - 10 November 2008. TJ was the most loveable, happy character you could imagine. The best mate of Simon Grant, TJ sucumbed to cancer in 2008 after a short 6 month illness.
    One year after TJ died, Simon proposed a ride to MHS in memory of TJ & to have a few beers to remember the good times we all had together. A date was agreed for the ride, then 2 weeks beforehand Simon was killed in a hit and run accident in Phuket. We were all stunned.
    Simon Duncan Grant, 3 May 1964 - 22 Oct 2009.
    We swore then, never to forget TJ or Simon & to always honour them with an annual ride to MHS, and so the GTR MHS Memorial Ride began.

    At the start however there was no Chedi, and we started with plaques & 100-year old rose bushes planted at Wat Chong Klang by the lake in Mae Hong Son.

    The original Ride then, was called The TJ John Hamilton - Simon Siinthai Grant Mae Hong Son Memorial Ride

    The inauguration of the GTR Chedi 2016

    In 2010 it was 12 riders
    In 2011 it was 12 riders
    In 2012 it was 14 riders with a hook up with the guys from Bangkok who came via Mae Sot.
    In 2013 it was 15 riders with the guys from Bangkok.
    In 2014 it was 11 riders
    In 2015 it was 19 riders
    In 2016 it was 33 riders when we inaugurated the GTR Chedi.
    In 2017 it was 34 riders
    In 2018 it was a magnificent 56 riders.

    In 2019 it was 52 riders

    The 2019 Ride Report
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    See You there!
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