Chaing Mai After Market Bits For Africa Twin?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by ozziedave007, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. So got my new Africa Twin on order from Big Wing Chaing Mai, and am going to be needing a few items, like Panniers, Crash Bars, Centre Stand, Phone Holder, 12Volt socket etc etc. Who would Forum Members suggest?. The local TourTech guy has a set of lower engine bars in the wrong colour and can't tell me how long for anything. Also, all this stuff is easy in Oz, but how do customs go if I wanted to just order it all from home?
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  2. Thankyou for that. Will check them all out, while I got you, where do I come to purchase your maps?
  3. The good bike shops have GTR maps
    Tony Big Bikes
    Mr Mechanic
    CP Mc Rental

    plus these bookshops
    On The Road Books
    Lost Bookstore
    Backstreet Books
    Surawongs Book Centre

    + the Kafe
    Thailand Map Sales Outlets
  4. In Chiang Mai I didn't find too many items.
    I ordered the main stand from Panda Rider Bangkok because Honda couldn't deliver the Original one. Burning Shop had one but didm't fit well.
    I choose the Original Honda Panier boxes because they don't need any rack and they are not so wide. However they are not so strong but hopefully enough fro my tours.
    Pandarider had the SW-Motech Trax paniers on stock.
    Touratech Chiang Mai I visited once but seemed to be very incompetent.
    Tankbag from Touratech but brought it from home.
    12V socket from Honda, it is well integrated.
    Crash bars I don't have.
    Topcase I want ti order from Tripfella (Chinese) because it is cheap, but they don't have it yet.

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