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  1. Hello everyone. The next day ride has been called by Ian for May 1st, which is on a Tuesday. Below this paragraph is his initial recommendation. More details and a map will be coming soon. The last ride was a nice success and already we have a good deal of interest in this one. I think we will have more attendees in May than the last one so it looks like we'll be meeting more new riders. We hope you all can attend and enjoy the day with us. The ladies have already volunteered to go along in the support truck with snacks, ice and drinks. I believe we will have several more four wheel vehicles with us this time. If anyone has a significant other or friends who want to go along in trucks , cars or what have you, they are welcome.

    Thanks to all for organizing the CR bike ride on 1st April. Good to meet
    some new riders. Thanks also to the ladies for providing refreshments.

    Here attached is my suggestion for a ride for next month, done in a
    clockwise direction.

    This is a different kind of ride to the Phayao ride. The first part is a bit
    boring, down main road 1211, but then after Charin Resort, you get into some
    great twisties. Up and over the Lum Nam Kok National Park on the 3037. There
    is a coffee shop at the top of Doi Chang (of course) that I think does food
    too, or there is a resort in Wawi that has a restaurant. Then the 1089 back
    to Mae Chan is always fun. The last run back to Chiang Rai is highway 1.
    My friends and I would say goodbye in Mae Chan and head back to Bahn
    Mai/Chiang Saen from there.

    I did this route last November and there are some beautiful views. If the
    haze clears a bit by 1st May, it'll be a great ride.
  2. Hi Everyone,

    After discussion with Marty at Chiang Rai Saddlebags, we have decided to change the date of the next Chiang Rai Bikers Day Ride to;

    Wednesday 2nd May
    to avoid the holiday on the 1st. We hope that suits everyone and better to ride on a non-holiday day.

    Meeting place; Amazon coffee shop at the PTT petrol station on highway 1 in Chiang Rai, just south of the Kawasaki dealer.
    Meeting time; 08:30
    Departure time; 09:00

    Here is the route we would like to take, in a clockwise direction. Some twisty mountain roads there and if we get some rain to clear the haze a bit, a few days before, some great views. After departure, we can all meet up again up the top of Doi Chang. Should be able to get some early lunch there and certainly a coffee... Total distance is about 215 klms.


    See you all there on the 2nd May.

    Best wishes
  3. Good thinking - & also allows my expectant pig another day to get herself sorted out. Hope to be there.
  4. Hello all. Just a bump to the ol' thread and a reminder. Still on for the 2nd of May and hope to see you all there. So far, in addition to the bikes and bikers going, one truck going with ladies carrying ice, drinks and snacks and one car with a couple who want to go along. Smallest bike going that I have been told of at this point is a scooter, maybe 125 cc, so if any of you have the big bike in the shop and are on a scooter, come on, you'll have good company and it isn't a race.
  5. I just fitted a pair of nice Hagon classic gas shocks on my old Thunderbird and re-greased and adjusted the rear wheel bearings. Having also recently fitted new swing arm bushes as well, my back-end is now tighter than a duck's ****. Great stuff and looking forward to a mountain road ride. :cool: See you all there next Wednesday, 2nd May, 08:30.
  6. Good luck guys. It sounds like another great ride you have organised. If I was not just in from Laos & not going to MHS for the International Music Night I would join you.
  7. A great day it was too. Skies were clear, no rain, up and over mountain ridge roads. Around 200 klms for the main route. Riders from Chiang Mai, Chiang Kham, Chiang Rai, Mae Chan, Chiang Saen and more. A real variety of machines from scooters to Ray's big yellow Harley, that you could hear from a kilometre away.. Marty was there on one of the Phantoms. Three Triumphs; Phil's Speed Triple, David's Bonnie and Ian's classic Thunderbird. The lady on the Kawaski Vulcan was enjoying the ride too. MrTeepee bar was there on his Sachs and many more riders on an assortment of machines. Marty's wife and the support truck unfortunately went awol up at Doi Chang...... Thank you for coming ladies, I'm sure you had a good day too....
    The group met in Chiang Rai, at the Amazon coffee shop PTT station on highway 1. We headed across the south side of Chiang Rai city then south west on the old Chaing Mai road onto the 3037 small road north up to Doi Chang for coffee and then lunch with great views. On leaving, I got the route wrong, then had 10 bikes following me up a mountain village dirt road that resembled a dry river bed.... Sorry about that people.... , but no drama, finally got back to the concrete section and onto the 3037 again up through Wawi. Some wonderful scenery up there and great twisties. I ground the Thunderbird a couple of times on the left side... Then on north down to the valley and over the Kok river bridge to the 1089 near Thaton. The Chiang Mai boys went off southwest and the rest of the group headed east and then stopped at the Lao Ta coffee shop, where we went our own ways.
    A great day and a great ride, good visibility and great mountain views with like minded people on lotsa bikes and lotsa twisty roads.... Wot else do ya need.....?


    where's the next ride then............? bring it on...icon6.png
  8. Thanks to Ian & Marty for getting things together, to everyone else who turned up & the CNX'ers who came up on Tuesday ready for the ride on Wednesday. Glad everyone enjoyed it & got round & home safely!

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