Cnx To Kanchanaburi Hugging Burmese Border – Route Suggestions?

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  1. John Aero

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    I’ve looked at trip reports and not found anything much on this. Basically want to ride from Chiang Mai (I am familiar with the area having lived there for couple of years) to Bangkok / Kanchanaburi area along the Burmese border. So start 108 to Mae Sariang then down the 105 to Mae Sot then the 1090 and 1167 which leads to the 1288. But this road runs out by going over the boarder and appears no way through the Thungyai Naresuan wildlife sanctuary according to my maps. Don’t want to join the 1 and was hoping to connect up with 232 at around Sangkhla Buri but no connecting roads showing up. Any suggestions for route from the 1288? Also general hotel recommendations would be appreciated. If I am talking out of my hat let me know!
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  3. Goran Phuket

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  4. John Aero

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    Goran thanks I did read this when it was originally posted - looks an amazing trip but I have finished with off road spills after quite a few in Phuket 30 odd years ago. So looks like no normal road.
  5. Goran Phuket

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    There is a Malaysian member here who claims "someone told him" there is a normal connecting road.
    When I pointed out this is wrong he kind off got offended. If there is one place to find out more about this, it is GT forum. Well, there is no mention of it here, just some guy somewhere who heard there is a road .... lol
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  6. DavidFL

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    Here's the long dirty way down:
    Chiang Mai, Doi Inthanon, Mae Cham, Mae Sariang, Omkoi, Umphang, Peung Klueng, Burma, Sangkhlaburi, Kanchanaburi, Bangkok…
    an absolute epic, but sorry off road
    Chiang Mai to Bangkok - The Long Dirty Way Down.

    BTW there is no road link up in there Umphang - Kanchanburi, you have to go back & around.
  7. brian_bkk

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    Indeed. A tour group that wanted to ride the Missing link was refused entry some time back.
    They ended up going back up and around.. Must have been painful.. dirt bikes, all that highway.

    Technically you can't get a permit to go all the way through.. at least that I am aware of.
    But you get a permit to ride in certain areas and stay over night at certain spots. Try your luck that you wont be refused entry at one of the check points and get through all the way.

    The rangers on the gate were giving the Thai guys the once over.. They were kinder to us last Feb.. Guess they figured we can't get in to much trouble :)

    But it is all dirt and the old 4 wd tracks we did a couple years back are all over grown..

    Last Feb..
    Sangkhlaburi - The Missing Link REDUX
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  8. John Aero

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    Goran, David and Brian thanks for the input and glad to know I was right - talking out of my hat. Pity as area from maps looks interesting
  9. sharpeyes

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    The only guy who can get you through is a guy called Jungle Jack . But its a torturous 4/ 5 day off road trip.
    I believe hes in the Kanchanaburi area
  10. lipmeng

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    Hi Goran
    It me, Lip Meng. I am not offended by your advise and in fact I am pleased that you have pointed out that there is no proper connecting road from Sangklaburi to Tak. It could be my response or comments that resulted the miscommunication or misunderstanding of which I must apologize.

    Your comprehensive ride reports with those amazing photos in the forum as well as your local knowledge has been very useful to me as part of my ride planning as I am sure it is the same for many others here. Thanks for your sharing.

    Lip Meng
  11. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Here are jack's details if anyone wants to contact him

    Sangkhlaburi Guided Tours

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