Delivery from USA with UPS: is it OK?

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  1. Hi friends,

    I'm going to purchase some stuff from Twisted Throttle in the US of A.
    For the delivery, they tell me by e-mail it's better and cheaper to use UPS as the "freighter".
    As I'm european, I've no clue about this...

    So, if you've been users, please, UPS is it a good deal about parcel postage to Thailand? And what about import taxes and duties?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Guess as it's coming from a company they may not do it but ask them if they will lower the value amount that is noted on the package as this is what the Thai customs base their duty etc on. I just had an o'neal helmet sent to me and had to pay 5000baht when it was delivered as I didn't ask the sender to lower the value amount. You live and learn!

    I remember reading on here somewhere that usps is the best way to have things sent over as they often get through with no duty, worth asking them to send with usps instead of ups.
  3. Gobs
    I didnt think UPS were cheap
    Are you sure they didnt mean USPS, United States Postal Service ?
    If so, use USPS Express Mail Service which gives you a tracking number.
    USPS Priority Mail doesn't have a tracking number and has been unreliable in my experience.
  4. If there will be customs/duty charges you will need to pay when you pick up the package. I send the occasional package from Abu Dhabi to Udorn Thani (the closest I can get to Nong Khai with any of the big shippers UPS/Fedex/DHL). For me it is much more expensive than snail mail as the level of greed is higher here in AUH, but UPS have been very reliable.

    It may or may not be cheeper but they, the supplier, are in a better position to tell you who is cheaper. The benefit is you should receive it quicker. :D
  5. Hi Gobs,
    I know that Ian Bungy uses Twisted Throttle company and has stuff delivered to the X-Centre. In case he does not see your post, maybe you might ask him for the info with a pm. Cheers, John
  6. UPS are OK not use FEDEX for Thailand delivery.
  7. I never used either of them as all UPS & Fedexx items age going 100% through customs and then in most cases you might ending up paying dulies,,,

    When i buy something from USA,Ebay or private persons i ask them to ship to me via USPS(Normal postal service) and now last 3yrs paid only 1 time impo tax.

    and my items are not small, those who knows how big is my LT's wind shield, tht came va normal postal and home delivery with out any impo tax, i also got my GPS from there and again no tax,,
  8. Just be careful sending a GPS by post. If it opened by customs you will loose it unless you have a import licence for GPS units. Happened to me on a USB GPS unit from Taiwan, very small light pack, but it was identified as a GPS. Got a request from customs for my import licence number for GPS units (don't have one), and they kept it.

    U.S. Postal Service seems best from USA. Then again it depends on the provice ,in Korat most packages are opened (whether in BKK mail centre or Korat?), resulting in some duty , plus of course 7% VAT. Items that are stated as USD$25 or less should go thru without customs by law. Seems like luck of the draw as with most legalities in Thailand.
  9. You can figure 20% import duty.

    Regular mail for some reason doesn't seem to bother. Most companies are reluctant to send it via mail though.

    Ian turned me on to a site for a back straightner I have ordered it. Had it sent to my P.O. box, it's coming via UPS. So we will see how that goes. I have never had a problem with UPS here in Udon.
  10. Thanks all for your inputs.

    If I understand well, USPS is the regular mail in US of A...
    As well, by experience, using the french regular mail (La Poste) for international shipping to LOS, parcels never have been taxed. But using a private "shipper" it happened to pay these taxes...
    Could it be usual for ALL countries?

    So maybe better if I can go with USPS...
    I'm going to have it a try and let's see!

  11. I got something shipped to UK by usps recently, but royal mail intercepted it and charged 8quid(about 20% of declared value) plus 8quid handling fee for each parcel. I think UK royalmail are getting tougher.Maybe I was unlucky.
    But UPS always had a handling charge, plus import duty/vat to pay.
  12. USPS is the Government mail. UPS is a private company
  13. Amen

    No problems with occasional packages from Spain, UK and Canada.

    Use recorded delivery.

    FedEx will collect duty on anything they can. (Crooks?) Well that's my experience.

    UPS don't know.
  14. Had stuff shipped by USPS from Ebay US, no problems, Never encountered problems with DHL, UPS or TNT either. Fed-up (ex) only troubles. Any european postal services (ebay purchases), no problems but sometimes slow. Rgds, FR
  15. Definitely USPS.

    UPS and Fedex get opened by customs - all packages seem to get opened - and you will pay duties and taxes. VAT 7%, duty depends on the goods but it's often surprisingly expensive. All this is on top of (Goods + shipping costs) - it really adds up.

    So. Use USPS. Most parcels are never opened.

    Edit: My first hand experience is only FedEx and USPS. FedEx always got opened and always was expensive. USPS never got opened. I sent something off via UPS once and they were extremely unfriendly but I guess that was just the staff at the local office.
  16. Like Marco said, by normal post is the way to go. I have had a few things posted to me and am yet to pay any tax.
  17. Shun UPS, we are talking big bucks and the certainty of high customs duty here. It needs to be labelled as a gift with a low value like $ 40.

    Send it to a reliable address here - ask me why I say this?

  18. have it sent to a Thai person may keep things smoother
  19. I never heard this one before. I had two Garmin's shipped for Unkovich and myself last year. We received them without any problem. Lucky I guess. Harry, is there anything "official" on not being able to receive a GPS or is it just up to how Customs are dealing with it at the time?

    I usually ship USPS for all the reasons previously stated. However, I just had a rather large package sent to me from the U.S. and it took a month to get here. The package showed the date shipped from the U.S. (27-Feb-2010) and had no official Thai markings when I received it. It did have a hand written date and initials "8-3-53". Obviously it had arrived BKK around this date. I did not receive it in Chiang Mai until 27-March. The good news is there was no duty.
  20. Funny...
    Nothing about UPS or so, but:
    On Saturday, I just received a "rather big" parcel (1mx0.4mx0.3m) from a french company by the regular french mail "La Poste", what they call Colissimo-Export (usually going through custom duty) and... I'd to pay import tax on bike spares/accessories (30%) and VAT (7%) on purchase, shipping cost and duty. I guess the package was a bit "big to go through"...
    Invoice was written in french and the bill in Euros. But "fortunately" (if I may say...) I guess the custom officer did the currency change thinking US Dollars for 12000 Bahts. For 368 US$ it may be OK, but 368 Euros (the invoice) are currently rather something like 16500 Bahts... So, in a sort of a happy "gift" I "earned" 1750 Bahts on the whole!
    Choose your drink, friends, and I'll pay this round!
  21. Customs tax is 30%. By law customs tax dose not apply to birthdays presents & religius presents. I haven't been asked for ID yet.
  22. I've never bought bike parts from abroad, but I did get two shipments of vitamins from Vitimin World in the USA. One was duty free, the other one I was nailed for duty. Forget the amounts and shippers.

    Funny thing, my Mom sent me a couple of care packages (cookies, etc) and each time the Thai Post added a whopping 7 baht "Additional Postage."

    I can handle 7 baht :D:D:D
  23. Funny thing, my Mom sent me a couple of care packages (cookies, etc) and each time the Thai Post added a whopping 7 baht "Additional Postage." ? how do you wanker?
  24. Update and happy ending!

    Thanks to all for your comments and advices.
    So, I ordered the 1st of April by the Internet, and received my parts/accessories from Twisted Throttle today the 5th in afternoon! :shock: So fast, I can't believe it! Ok, all parts were in stock but even then...

    As T-T doesn't deliver to Thailand by USPS, we went through UPS.
    For an invoice of 494 $ (bill+shipping) I paid 1450 Bahts for Duty and VAT! :shock: :D
    UPS counts "ONLY" 3% for duty and, ok, 7% for VAT...
    What? Only 3% duty?.. I didn't mention anything to the smiling and kind "UPS-man" at my door when paying :mrgreen: , but isn't it a mistake when keyboarding in UPS office?
    Usually bike parts are subjected to a 30% duty tax...

    Or am I missing something somewhere?

    Cheers to all,
  25. Well I got my delivery today $65.00 from the U.S. had to pay 516 baht tax at the post office.

    Could be because it was clearly marked as coming from a business

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