Dirt Road Loop Around Cm, Suggestions For Newbie


Feb 16, 2017
Hello everyone,

I searched about this on the forum but could not find recent information.
I have been to North Thailand a few times already but always with road bike on paved roads.
Now I want to try a bit off-road on unpaved roads. I'm considering to rent a CRF250 at Pop.

I have about 2 or 3 days time for my trip. Looking on the map I might have found a nice loop already.
However I'm not sure if this is the thing I am looking for.
Current planning would be to start in CM heading towards Samoeng on either 1269 or 1096 and then continue on the 1349 and 1265 to Pai. On my map it says partly loose surface but I read some reports on this forum that now it's mostly asphalt already.
The next day would be driving towards Wiang Haeng. I did this a few years ago, there is a road through the forest if I remember correctly but now I can't find a route on Google maps. Does this forest road have a number?
I think that would be quite suitable for some off-road experience and justify to rent a off-road bike.
From Wiang Heang I would then follow the 1322 towards the Myanmar border and then turn to the loop of the 1178.
Probably stay overnight at Pha Daeng National Park and the next day return to Chiang Mai.

Any input and suggestions to my planned route are more than welcome.
Or if someone has a completely different route in mind that would take me off-road for 2 or 3 days around Chiang Mai please tell me.

Best regards