Excitement Plus - Chain Lube. My Chain Lube Explodes!

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    A bit of a laugh & something for some of us to worry about.

    On my recent trip Chiang Khong - Vientiane return I was somewhat over loaded coming back, such that I needed to buy another bag & reposition the load on my bike.

    The main bag, the Denali that carried the goodies & the heavy load was placed on the seat so the weight was not too far behind the rear axle.

    Then I bought a nice rucksack for 500 baht, put it on the back with the dirty clothes, spare shoes & the 2 cans of chain lube.

    How it looked after 2 days on the road

    A rear end view
    it was here that I readjusted the load, pulling the bag a bit more to the left to have it centred properly.
    A few kms later I was on the super highway R11, 45 kms south of Uttaradit & gently cruising along at 130KPH.

    Then 15 kms north of Uttaradit I hear a kaboom. Just like a tyre exploding - mine I thought, but there was nothing wrong with the bike or tyre.
    I throttled off & looked in the mirror & wow. there was the rucksack & my clothes flying down he road behind!
    What the hell has caused that - a rock strap has broken & the bag must have fallen off I thought?
    I parked up & walked back to my debris laying on the road. Shirt socks jocks, shoes & a back pack blown apart!
    Bloody hell. The chain lube cans must have exploded!

    A look over the exhaust & tail of the bike

    What a mess.

    but how lucky can you get.

    I had two cans of chain lube that I was testing out on the trip.
    A Veloil Lube
    A WD40 Chain Lube

    So what happened?
    Well I guess the pocket that the chain lube was placed in just happened to be straight over the exhaust that day & it got too hot - caught fire and kaboom.

    Two items of burned clothes.



    Who would have ever thought this serious danger in a bag on the back of their bike?
    But there you go. Chain lube is a chemical mixture & obviously highly inflammable - if it gets warm enough on your bike.

    I consider myself extremely lucky.
    There could have been serious damage to myself, or the explosion could have caused an accident, or personal damage to other people. And who would have paid for the damages = me!

    But which chain lube exploded?
    I walked up and down the highway looking for the 2 cans, but could not find any sight of either can.
    Finding the cans might have given some indication of which can exploded. I did find the yellow cap from the WD40 can, but no sight of the can.
    So my wild guess is the main culprit was the Veloil because of the blue colour splattered everywhere. The paint from the outside of the can or the chain lube itself?

    You all take care out there now when carrying chain lube.

    Now over the last few months since I turned off the Scott Oiler I've used a few chain lubes.
    1. Veloil
    2. WD40
    3. Wrap
    4. Motul

    So on tour, my verdict
    # 3 Wrap is useless
    # 1 Veloil is just ok until it rains & then it is pathetic
    # 2 WD40 is half decent & performs reasonably well
    # 4 Motul is the winner though. Just a spray every 3 days in the dry & every 2nd days in the wet.
    but I may now be tempted to go back to the Scott Oiler.

    Some GTR Threads on Chains & Lubricants
    O Ring Chain Maintance
    Scott Oiler
    Motorcycle Chains
    Chain grease in a tin
    Chain maintenance.

    What chain lube do you use?
    What does everyone else think?
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    FYI many aerosols use propane as a propellant
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    It would be interesting to know what would have happened had you been doing 40kph in a town.... but perhaps best we never find out....

    My Putoline chain wax has been used 35 times in 6 years now. It should last another 15 times. It cost 25 GB pounds and another 25 GB pounds postage. 50 quid a tin and 50 uses sounds cheap. Then there will be 1/2" left, to go in the next tin, so that should be cheaper still.

    2018-08-05 07.38.54.

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