Feedback on 650cc Vstrom - anyone?

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  1. Suzuki 650 Vstrom have been selling in Thailand one year now. I was wondering if any new owner could offer any feedback about this bike, spares and dealer?

    Have read everything about this Japanese made 650 all rounder but would like to hear the Thailand experience if possible!

    Cheers Ken F
  2. This will not be of much help except to endorse how good the V-Strom is. 5 of my mates in Buriram now have the bike and have already done a couple of tours way up north. They are all raving about them and these are people who have had the Versys and Ducati Multithingy amongst other bikes. One of the guys has now started producing aluminium skid plates for the V-Strom ( Ravetech ) and also supplies crash bars etc. Unfortunately they do not subscribe to this forum for whatever reason. We are yet to see a Suzuki dealer in Buriram, but we now have KTM, Ducati and Kawasaki are just building their new dealership. I'll soon be spoilt for choice
  3. Do You have a website or link for Ravetech? The 2015 V-Strom has been released with a Tubeless Spoke wheel Version as well! Not sure if it is avalible here yet but looks Fantastic!
  4. Hi, I am one of the Buriram V-Strom crew, in fact I was the first 650 V-Strom owner in Buriram. I purchased mine in February last year from Bangkok as that was my only option at that time and I was extremely eager to get my hands on one of these legendary bikes.
    I had a Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom in the past and it was fantastic. The V-Strom has a huge following of loyal owners which should tell you how good they are. I have ridden bikes in Thailand for the past five years and started out on a 1100 Dragster and did the chopper type thing and had some fun but it was not really not for me. Bought my first Versys in August 2011 and instantly knew I was back to ridding something I could have some proper fun on and with its adventure type set up it made perfect sense for the mix of good to piss poor roads in Thailand. The Versys is a great bike but suffers a few comfort issue with the seat design and foot peg location. Its also very buzzy at touring speeds.
    The V-Strom is very comfortable and the engine sporty but relaxed. Handling is so good you cannot help chasing the bend and as far as reliability goes they are bullet proof. I love my 650 Strom and when you think it is made in Japan and imported into Thailand it has to be the best bargain around.

    I am also the guy behind Ravetech. This started with me making my own Aluminium skid plate last march. I did post something on here mid last year. We have moved on quite a bit since the early days and now produce laser cut products for a few adventure bike models including the V-Strom, Versys and Multistrada, using top grade materials. We are very competitively priced and sell worldwide via eBay and our website and payment is secured through paypal. Ravetech is also a Givi authorised dealer so we can provide a full package. For the Versys owner we are about to launch a skid plate. At present this is for the previous model as I need to get my hands on a 2015 bike at some point as different mountings will be required.

    Please check us out.


    Ravetech DSCN1680_1024x768.

  5. There you go Ian, no sooner said than done.....
  6. Regarding dealers and spares etc. Many good dealers coming online now and I can personally recommend Thaiyont Suzuki Khon Kaen and 81Auto Phitsonaluk whom even have bikes for test rides.. Can't really say to much about spares as these things don't break easily so no experience. Service spares are not a problem with some none dealer big bike shops carrying filters and service parts.
  7. Good Stuff Alan, Congratulations looks fantastic Quality! Keep up the Good Work!
  8. They have a new one at Big Bike Suzuki on the 107.....price rise to 365,000 baht....going for a test ride soon!

  9. Thanks for the feedback Guys. The 2015 model Versys has tried to address it's short falls but I think the Vstrom is still an all round better bike, personal choice of cause, Cheers
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  11. Hello to all , i am now living in Thailand full time and wanted a bike suitable for all types of riding . I have owned many bikes over the years and i was looking for something midrange ,adventure style .i test rode many bikes and opted for the 650 vstrom .i have only had it just over a week ,i did 600km in one day and loved every minute of it , its comfy , plenty fast enough , punchy , and handles superb with a good riding position .
    My only criticism would be the suspension . But remember its a budget bike .
    To this end i am fitting an Ohlins rear shock and may yet change to Ohlins front springs .purely for my own comfort i am fitting Handle bar risers and footpeg lowering kit .i am 6ft 1" .
    I am very pleased with the bike ,its the perfect bike for Thailand ,
  12. Gary
    I agree with you on rear shock - the spring is too soft - an Asian spec spring for a 50 -60 kg rider?
    Let me know how you go with Ohlins because that is what I'm looking for after my next trip.
  13. Hola, yes will do,hopefully fitted next week ,will let you know how it performs ,great bike another 500 kms today ,first service tomorrow ,
  14. Hola , the new Ohlins rear shock is fantastic . Transformed the bike . It irons out all the little annoying ripples in the road surface and if you do hit a bad manhole or pothole it soaks it up big time rather than getting a whack through your back . Very very pleased and well worth the money . Will look into maybe changing front end at sometime , although reset it slightly softer and now much better . One thing that i am very pleased with is the footpeg lowering kit . Now much more comfortable and no scrunching up of the knees. From Jacket Boy .
  15. 35,000 kms up & still on the origin chain.
    Highly impressed.
  16. 7000 klms and uber impressed with bike .Does everything with ease . Wish i had bought one years ago .
  17. 10,000 kms on Vstrom 650 . It puts a massive smile on my face every time i get on it . I can ride this bike all day and still go again the following day . Handles very well on the road two up with panniers and tackles soft off roading with ease . Great range and fuel economy .
    Very good all round bike .
  18. I have both 2014 V-Strom 650 and 2013 Versys 650.
    For the twisties I much prefer the Versys, it just loves the bends.
    The V-Strom is happier cruising the highways, the engine just purrs and the seat is more comfortable than the Versys in original unfettled condition.
    The Versys feels more rugged, stronger expecially the front end, V-Strom forks seem rubbery.
  19. What suspension do you have on the Versys / Vstrom - both standard still?
  20. Yes, both are standard suspensions.
  21. 55,000 kms up on my 650 VStrom & two gripes.

    1. The ignition switch is playing up badly - difficult to turn on & off.
    Daily squirts of WD40 are not solving the problem.

    2. The headlight is working intermittently.

    The bike is scheduled for some TLC at Suzuki + free stator replacement in a couple of says.
    Suzuki V-strom Recall 2011-2016
  22. VStrom 650 is a real no brainer its one of the best most charachterful engines in a very competent chassis bomb proof and cheap whats not to like

  23. You want to buy mine? Seriously.
  24. if i had any spare money I would be interested but currently times are tough as the work in oil indusrty has been weak for 2 years and my daughter has just started Uni as well ,, im brassic

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