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  1. Just a note to say that my recent knee replacement was "fully" covered by the GTR Group Insurance policy.
    The policy with Thai Health Insurance paid for 90% of the bill.

    You can read about it here on GTR

    A Knee Replacement & The Road To Recovery

    This policy we have works & is really good, especially when it includes SOS Emergency evacuation from overseas - when you are riding next door in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam,. Myanmar you are covered.
    You are covered with his company here

    บริษัท ไทยประกันสุขภาพ จำกัด (มหาชน) :: Thai Health Insurance Public Company Limited

    Under this policy

    บริษัท ไทยประกันสุขภาพ จำกัด (มหาชน) :: Thai Health Insurance Public Company Limited
  2. The GTR Group health Insurance policy expires at the end of this month.
    Renewal reminders are being sent out now.
    The premiums have remained the same.
    There are 6 options in the policy for you to consider.




    The broker contact details are
    สายรุ้ง ทองอนันต์
    Sairung Thonganan
    [email protected]
    Assistant Office Manager
    152 Chartered Square Building 12 Ath Floor, Room 12A-15B <
    North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
    Tel: +662-634-5201, Fax: +662-634-5202
    Mobile Phone: 083-0757173
  3. David, is it possible for me to join the group insurance now? Or get the individual one? I sent the email on [email protected] by not reply yet.
  4. I got the reply, they provide 1st class insurance only if the value of the bike is more than 400.000THB.
  5. New update, I can get 3rd class insurance but only valid in Thailand. How you guys got coverage in other countries, does that go only for 1st class insurance?
  6. Exactly what policy are you after.
    Health insurance or motorbike insurance?

    The health insurance is a group policy.
    The bike insurance is a private policy.
    This is the best place to get a bike insurance quote now
    Siam Solution Your 1-stop Shop For Everything Insurance!
  7. Looks like we have 12 guys in the GTR Group Health Insurance Policy this time round.
    7 guys in Plan 1
    2 guys in Plan 3
    1 guy in Plan 5
    2 guys in Plan 6​

    You should all have your cards by now.

    Good luck guys & I hope you don't need them - all stay in good health & don't have accidents.
  8. Bump for Harri asking.
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    Well, I hope this is the right place to ask, otherwise David you move it.

    I crushed recently with the scooter, got the usual bruises and so on. Get up on my feet, as usual a lot of helpful locals around, someone called the EMS, but they didn't showed up in a while, so a local brought me down to Chiang Saen Gov Hospital. They took care of my bruises, and took two X-Rays, as my Index-Finger was displaced, that’s when they discovered also a hair crack on the back of my hand. They also stabilised my hand, and/or finger. All I paid there was 580 bath, including the X-Rays.

    Now because of those stupid, insurance policies, allowing only specific hospitals, I went to Overbrook in C.Rai. and mostly they redo all of the bandages C. Saen did. They made another X-Ray, but from the collarbone, as I had pretty much bruises on it, but I could move it quite well. It took a while until the doc came in, apparently he’s the bone specialist, and they call him in off duty, nothing I had asked for actually. However, I was pretty much fixed up around 11-12pm. But being in C. Rai without any transport, I stayed there overnight @ 2500 for the room. My bill run up to something around 22000, pretty sure C.Saen could have managed that for 2200. However, the insurance covered mostly everything, but 350 bath, when I looked at home what the 350 was it said "others" :worried:

    My big question now is, I got an appointment on 7th Jan for checking my crack on my hand, and maybe remove the bandage,eventually checking that finger. First, I don’t really want to make the journey. Second, I don’t really want them extract another fortune out of the insurance fund, if they cover after treatment at all. I guess the smart thing to do is to ask my local hospital for an X-Ray, and if nothing shows, just get off the bandage. Your opinions?
  10. Well if you're confident get a chek up at your local if you think nothing much is wrong; then if there's a complication later on, take a medical report from your local to the approved hospital in Chiang Rai.
    Good luck & keep us informed how you go.
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    Went for an X-Ray on Friday, no evidence of a fracture to be seen. However the doctor seems to be super cautious, and said I should wear the bandages for another month or so. Will follow to some extent, but have also to keep in mind the longer movement is restricted, the harder it is to gain back normal motion. Take it off anyways for shower know, otherwise I'll get a rotten hand.

    BTW, total damage for doctor visit and 2 X-rays 270 Bath.
  12. I sent an email Sunday to [email protected] Still no reply. Has this email changed since posted on 14 Sep 2017 ?

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