Issues with Euro5 emission standard based diesel cars for worldtrips

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    Also when the fuel quality gets better international, there are still areas where you will run into trouble when you use an Euro5 exhaust emission standard based car with an managed diesel particulate filter "DPF". But you can avoid these problems.


    Here is an article about that topic. About people who had breakdowns because of this, about how they could solve their problems during their journey:

    In german language: 4x4tripping: Moderne Euro5 Diesel-Fahrzeuge auf Weltreisen

    In english: 4x4tripping: Using an Euro5 Diesel car for an worldtrip

    Better you prepare your car before your journey, if you plan to use such an modern car...

    Safe journeys!

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    An additional fuel filter or replace of the existing one may be helpful. I did use an external filter:


    But for Euro5 Emission Standard and Diesel based cars - it dont will help you. You have to remove your DPF, to reprogram your vehicle to Euro4 Spec.

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    DPF and also dual mass flywheels are the devils curse on motorists , unreliable, expensive and inconvienient ,,,,

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