Wanted: Suzuki Caribbean or Sporty

Discussion in '4WD - Any message here' started by trevbart, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. trevbart

    trevbart Ol'Timer

    Looking for a cheap 4x4 Suzuki Caribbean or Sporty.

    About 1995 vintage is probably in my price range...Something with reasonable (rust free) bodywork.
    Interior and engine not important, would even consider non runner...

    Prefer private sale.

    Please PM or post here if you have any info etc. Thanks.
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  3. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Hi Trevbart,
    There is a Really Nice Caribbean at the Beauty / Hair Salon in front of Four Seasons Resort in Mae Rim. Red Colour, Pick up with Extended Cab. Very Clean and Original. I would Buy it Myself but already have one!!! Call Her on 053-298138. Her name is Kate. I doubt She Speaks much English so get a Thai Speaker to Call or else Just Ride out and Take a look Yourself
    :wink: Good Luck Mate! Come and Show me at the X-Centre if You Buy it?
  4. trevbart

    trevbart Ol'Timer

    Thanks Ian,

    Will take a look when I get back in a week. It may be a bit too nice for what I have planned though! Engine swap, lift and possibly convert to soft top...

  5. trevbart

    trevbart Ol'Timer

    found a good one! will be posting pictures of the build soon.
  6. Fishenough

    Fishenough Ol'Timer

    Looking forward to local build pics! Was thinking same, same before we'd moved here as I'd seen many for sale in CM. Meaning I was planning to bring gear from two Zuk suppilers close to my previous home; Breeze, Spring over pros, lift kits and fantastic service (many friend ran their gear, and had hands on with a couple of builds) and Acme adapters provides VW diesel engine adapters.

    What kind of engine swap are you planning?
  7. trevbart

    trevbart Ol'Timer

    Here it is, stock suzuki. Body is great for its age, only 2 small rust spots in the passenger foot well. No rust anywhere else! I don't think it's been off road at all (yet!)


    Runs fine but...1.3 underpowered

    New engine arrives! 1.6 16v ex Suzuki Vitara.

    Plus all the wiring :shock:

    After a few days wiring reduced to minimum for engine.

    Test run! All looks good. No check engine light and sounds nice.

    Strip out dash to integrate wiring and rip out all the old unused engine wires.

    Old engine out, Just had new clutch fitted by the looks :lol:


    Gearbox with new seals ready to mate with new engine...

    Lots more to do when I get back in a month...to be continued.
  8. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Well done Bob; you;ve been a busy man. Sounds like a big project coming on, but something that I know you enjoy doing. Keep up the good work & reports.
    I hope to see you next time off work & go for a ride to keep that Tiger of yours in good shape.

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