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  1. Hi,

    I will be crossing into Laos in about 2 days on the Tha Li / Namhueng bridge. I've got all my paperwork in order.

    Can anyone please advise on places to stay and eat in the Namhueng area (or just outside of it)? I'd like to overnight in that vicinity for 1 night.

    Also, any suggested routes from Namhueng to downtown Vientiane?

    I'll have my GPS with me loaded with Laos maps, but just wondering if anyone has any first-hand experience with the route.

    Thanks much!
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    You can read this thread
    GT-Rider Mekong Cruise Part III
    about crossing the Tha Li / Kenthao border in May 2014.

    There will be some accommodation in Kenthao about 7 kms from the border.
    For the roads you need to look at a GTR Laos guide map, to see the big picture - 250 baht well spent.
    There's a dirt road along the Khong into Vientiane, but at this time of the year it sure will be wet ' greasy 'n muddy.
    If that's what you're looking for - enjoy.
    If not then you need to ride up to Xayabouly, then you have a few options
    1. Continue onto Luang Prabang,
    2. Continue onto Hongsa & enter Thailand at Huay Kon
    3. Continue onto Muang Nan, then take the new Kasi short cut road down to Vang Vieng & Vientiane.
    4. Another option maybe the new Phu Du border crossing from out of Muang Phiang; that may or may not be fully open to foreigners yet.
    Whatever let us know how you go.


    Pak Lay
    Pak Lay - Accommodation

    Xayabouly - Sayaboury
    Sayabouly - Xayaboury Accommodation

    Vientiane Accommodation


    Sayabouly - Xayaboury Restaurants

    Vientiane Restaurants

    Hope this is a help.
    Enjoy the ride & trip. Remember things move slow in Lao - Lao PDR = People Dont Rush.
    Have a beer Lao or two for me.
  3. Great! Thanks for the invaluable information. I'll consider the options you mention. The Khong route doesn't sound that fun this time of year, but it's what I was considering until you mentioned the road conditions. I'll arrive in Kenthao on July 24th. Just need to make sure I get to Vientiane by the 27th. Which ever route makes that the most realistic is the route I will likely take.
  4. Why not just ride across the bridge from Nong Khai to Vientiane?
    Then exit from wherever takes your fancy.
  5. I'm actually considering that. It probably makes a lot better sense to do it that way. My time constraint is to be in Vientiane on the 27th to the 29th for the visa. On the way back I can take my time...or rather I can let Laos take its time with me. :)
  6. So disappointed. I had everything together and was crossing into Laos from Nong Khai today. I had all my documentation ready. But only copies, including my green book. I'd always been told not to keep the real green book in the bike.

    They wouldn't let me cross with just a copy of the green book. Is it true the actual green book is really needed or was I just given a hard time? Anyway I had to park my bike in a secured parking lot near the bridge and then take the bus over the bridge.

    I guess this will just be a visa run and no adventure in Laos. I'll have to make up for it on my ride back through Thailand to Chiang Mai.

    I'm clearly inexperienced...if anyone knows of any group tours through Laos let me know.

  7. That certainly is a bummer and a bad start to your trip.

    You do need the original green book.. Copies are only for the officialdom.

    Get the green book and have another bash :)

  8. Damn. That's bad luck, but yeah only originals count at the border. Too many doctored photocopies - so easy.
    In Vientiane you can rent a bike, but the bike has to come back to the shop + your passport will be at the embassy for a visa.

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  9. Hi David,

    The 4th bridge at Huay Xai border operate on Sunday as well?
    Wanted to cross back to Thailand tomorrow.
  10. Kc - sure the bridge is open 7 days a week. It will probably cost you a small fee to ride across though. Good luck & please let us know how you go.

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  11. Hi David,

    When I arrive about 11.00am, what a quiet day. I'm the only one wanted to cross the bridge.
    Oh yes, manage to cross back smoothly from Laos side provided I have to pay 1000 baht to the imagination officer to drive his pick up truck and guide me, and the custom also ask for some lunch fee, what a joke.
    Back to Thai side... Everyone here just want to get some coffee money in order to get thing moving. The dollars sign do all the magic, total fee spent 1475.00 baht for about half and hour time....:evil: anyway good experience.
  12. Interesting. I went into Laos 4 times and never been asked for green book, ever. Always showed them certified copy and it was good enough.
  13. Do you have more details on where to get the certified copies approved?

    Sounds like a great alternative to carrying the green book.

  14. Just go to any nearby Commissioner for Oaths and they will stamp it for you.

    Another way, if green book is still with finance company ask them to write a letter permitting exit out of the country from this to that date. And in process they will verify your green book copy too. It is standard procedure.
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