Chiang Rai To Chiang Mai-the Scenic Route

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  1. Hi Everyone, My first post.
    In just over a month I will be with a small group of riders having a quick look at the MHS loop. Something like this. Day1, CM to Mae Chaem, day 2, Mae Chaem to MHS, D3 MHS to Pai. That leaves one night before we are back to CM and return the bikes. Considering heading to Chiang Rai, west of the main road, coming out at Fang, then rolling onto Chiang Rai that way.
    On our last day heading back to town, we would like to take the scenic route on the eastern side of the main drag back to CM. Sorry I can't be more specific but my maps are at home and I'm not. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Also planning to come back at Christmas with the wife and daughter and have a good look around Nan and the north eastern region.
    Cheers Waz
  2. I'd recommend a night in Doi Mae Salong rather than Chiang Rai.
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  3. Thanks Dave,
    Will take your suggestion on board and look at the maps tomorrow.
    Is returning to CM via Nan a viable option from Doi Mae Salong?
    We won't have pillions but I'm not totally sure how hard these men are, given the test. And only time will tell.
    Other than the days stated, we are not committed to any place other than CM on the Friday finish.
    I'm just basing this trip on our visit last Xmas with the wife.
    This time with mates after MotoGP in Sepang.
    So yeh, why not throw it open, what is the best 5 day, 4 night bike you can suggest.
    Fook!, already booked accommodation via easy enough to cancel if required.
    4 of us, arrive Cnx 0835 Monday, bikes already booked. Surrender bikes by sunset Friday night.
    We have opted for 4 different bikes, for 4 different blokes to chop and change and ultimately sumerise at the conclusion.
    At Christmas/ NY just past, the wife and I did the MHS loop about 1 1/2 times and swore I'd be back.
    Got a Christmas trip booked as well.
    All good suggestion considered.
    I'm getting excited,
    Cheers Wazza
  4. You may want to check out some of these threads for more ideas

    7 Maybe 8 Day Rides From Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai 5 Day Riding

    Northern Thailand 8-9 Day Tour

    North Thailand Top Ten Roads

    The issue that I see is do you just want to ride or do you want to take your time, potter around, see & learn something as you go?

    Make sure you hit us with a trip report so other guys can get an idea of how you did it. What worked & what didn't work. Everyone is different & the more ideas & experiences we can share the better for everyone.
  5. This next visit will be more about riding than pottering I think. Xmas more the sightseeing, other activities and pottering.
    5 days and 4 nights is a fairly condensed snap shot. For simplicity I'm sticking largely to what I've done before other than the final night. The lads might have had enough by Thursday night and just want to bee line it back to CM, who knows. Will check out Mae Salong as an alternative last night.
  6. The lads reckon they are up to the challenge" we're going there to ride, aren't we?" This what I've come up with so far.
    Day 1, Pick up bikes in the morning, get sorted and out of CM by midday. Head to Mae Chaem via Doi Inthanon approx 200ks
    Day 2,Mae Chaem to Khun Yuam road but turn off at R4009. Night at MHS approx 200ks
    Day 3, MHS to Pai, side trip to Rak Thai along the way. Approx 170 ks.
    Day 4, Pai to Doi Mae Salong, via R1322 approx 400 ks
    Day 5, Doi Mae Salong to Chiang Kham approx 150ks, Chiang Kham to Nan via R1148 approx 150 ks. Nan to Chiang Mai either R1091 or R101, approx 300ks.. Total approx 600ks, a big one to finish off.
    Not sure about the start of day 5, take the quickest route to Chiang Kham, to leave more time for the Nan end of things? If things are not going to plan, bail for CM from Chiang Kham as an option. Am I biting off more than I can chew on day 5?
    Rds Waz
  7. Decided to lower our ambitions a little.
    Cancelled Doi Mar Salong this time round, modified plan below~
    Day 1, Pick up bikes in the morning, get sorted and out of CM by midday. Head to Mae Chaem via Doi Inthanon approx 200ks
    Day 2,Mae Chaem to Khun Yuam road but turn off at R4009. Night at MHS approx 200ks
    Day 3, MHS to Pai, side trip to Rak Thai along the way. Approx 170 ks.
    Day 4, Pai to Nan, via Phrao and Phayao. Approx 450 ks. Via R1323, 1001, 1150 and R1091 into Nan.
    Day 5, Nan to CM on the R101, back via Lampang. Approx 320 ks.

    Reasonably big day 4, bit of free flowing riding once out to the Pai hills and on to Phrao. Pkayao for lunch maybe. Couldn't find much in the way of accommodation online for Pong, Chun or Chiang Muan. Are there any Thai/local accommodation finders that will turn up the guest houses and hotels in the smaller towns?
    Cheers Wazza
  8. I would follow this one

    The Way To Go
    Pai - Chiang Dao – Arunothai – Fang – Tha Ton – Doi Mae Salong – Thoed Thai – Doi Tung – Mae Sai – GT – Chiang Saen – Chiang Khong – Pha Tang – Phu Chi Fah – Chiang Kham – Tha Wang Pa – Pua – Doi Phukha – Nan – Chiang Muan – Phayao – Mae Kachan – Chiang Mai.

    From here

    Please yourself where you sleep, but you should never be more than 45 minutes away from cozy accommodation.
  9. Much appreciated David, will follow the big loop at Xmas/NY when I'm there with wife and daughter.Plan to keep it nice and easy. Probably go anticlockwise(Nan first) and if we have time, slide a night or two on the MHS loop.
    As far as, the near pending trip goes, probably stick to the previously mentioned itinerary. I'm aware of the pitfalls but I will makeup for it at the end of the year.
    I do a lot of dirt bike riding and my experience is, do your exploring with a mate, not a group. So I'm applying this to this group ride to a greater degree.
    COS, did the race track at Chiang Rai get off the ground?
    And are threaded 16g co2 cartridges readily available in CM?
    Have even bought a little pocket note book to jot down bike impressions and other comments from fellow riders, to be ultimately summarised.
    Thanks once again, Warwick
  10. Will be there next week, who's been counting! Will be in Sepang to console Vale and co and all but crown Marquez, again.
    I just read the Mae Chaem restaurant guide, will put that to good use Monday night. Batteries charged and ready to go.
    Can anyone recommend a shop we can buy 16g threaded co2 canisters from in CM, Monday morning.
    Cheers W
  11. All done and dusted, Marquez won the title, Rossi's still riding, the ride was over too soon and the ride summary, along with a run down on our hire bikes, is posted in ride reports.
    Will be back just before Christmas with wife and daughter for 9 nights and 10 days of riding. This time largely doing as David suggested, the border hugger, up and around, starting with MHS and working our way to Nan for New Years. Planning to keep it to 200-250 ks max per day.
    Have a MT07 and Honda CBR500x?( baby chook chaser) booked. The girls wanted panniers, so the little Honda is going to be somewhat of a pack horse. The other panniered bike were just too big for my daughter.
    The only little issue we have is the young one has not got a full license, limited to learner approved bikes.We will try for an international license here in Oz but otherwise will wing it with mums inter license and helmet on routine. From past experience, the revenue gathers jaws usually drop when they see an international license and wave you on, muttering under their breath.
    All the best for the festive season, Wazza
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