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Apr 6, 2017
New Zealand
Hi Fellow riders - we are a group of 10 sports riders from New Zealand coming to Chiang Mai- start riding 22nd October and depart Chiang Mai Thursday 5pm to head off to Malaysian MOTO GP.
Perfect world is 200km day 1 then average 350km a day for next 3 days then finish with 200km total approx 1500 km.
I've looked at some tours but I don't think that is quite what were looking fo -r however I don't mind hearing from a tour company that can work with us , of coarse we do want to take some pic's etc but not do the tourist thing as such! , t the focus is on the riding - good food / cold beer / good accommodation.
I have ordered maps from GT which by all account's will give me a better understanding of the road numbers that people refer to .
Would love to hear from you guys with your versions - It looks like there is a lot of info on this site so even if you direct me to those threads

Regards Dave ( from NZ - Gods playground )
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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Gday & (temporary) welcome from the land of speed limits.

Unike Oz, Thailand is where you can have a lot of fun on your bike.
But that doesn't just mean blasting through the hills.
North Thailand is packed full of interesting attractions, beautiul scenery & fantastic friendly people.
Most first timers always try to see & do much, then later on want to come bak to the same places because they realise after that they missed so much by just clocking up the kms, simple because you could. They didnt acually see much, just looked at the road because they wanted to ride.
Take your time.

The way to go
do the Mae Hong Son Loop.
Sleep in a couple of the towns - Mae Hong Son &/or Pai, at least.
In MHS check out the GTR Chedi that the GT Riders have built in memory of departed riding mates.
The Gt Rider Memorial Chedi

After the MHS Loop move onto a Golden Triangle & Laos border loop.
Detailed here
The Way To Go
Chiang Mai – Chiang Dao – Arunothai – Fang – Tha Ton – Doi Mae Salong – Thoed Thai – Doi Tung – Mae Sai – GT – Chiang Saen – Chiang Khong – Pha Tang – Phu Chi Fah – Chiang Kham – Tha Wang Pa – Pua – Doi Phukha – Nan – Chiang Muan – Phayao – Mae Kachan – Chiang Mai.

If you just want to ride, then Nan province is the # 1 riders province.
Return to Nan & back to the future?

It's not a probem to play it as you go.
Good accommodation & food is everywhere.
Never more than an hour away, so sometime mid-late afternon you can simply decide if yu reckon you've done enough for the day & stop in the next town, wherever that maybe.
You can always get back to Chiang Mai in a day

Make use of the GTR Hotel & restaurat & bar recommendations here
GT-Rider Recommended Spots - Northern Thailand
to pick out places to sleep, eat & drink.

Last but not least drop into the X-Centre to see the Kiwi "ambassador" Ian Bungy - a top rider & GTR man.

Im back from the land of silly speed limits in a week if you want to ask more questions.



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Oct 11, 2009
Agree with the above but give yourself plenty of time to stop ,eat ,chat to people and take photos and don't do to much in a day would be my advice.
Safe riding


Dec 11, 2012
Take your time guys, and really, look at an MC tour Co. Tell them exactly what you want to do, and as your group is large, they can comply. Plus of major importance, they’ll have the best bikes, drama free, and they know ALL the best roads. You cannot match that on your own, with no logistics. Ask anyone who has tried...