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    The last few weeks I've been fossicking around the for new attractions & places to go for a GT map update.
    The longer you stay here the more you realize how little you know and how much you need to go back out again to ride & see more. The pace of change has been quite rapid the last few years, and since the big 2011 Bangkok floods, a lot of people from Bangkok have cleared out & set up nice little businesses in the North.
    You also get to realize that the slower you go the more you see & notice. Pottering around, taking your time is just fine.

    Living in Chiang Khong now I have the privilege of enjoying Paradise Road any day I want, & nearly all my rides go out this way now.



    and the ride is often nicer with some good company.

    The View Coffee is a magic spot on the Mekong is a highly recommended spot if you're taking R1290.
    It is just 6.5 kms upstream from Chiang Khong, & a mere 7 minutes from my house.

    A Mekong View from the View Coffee

    The View Coffee is here: Google Maps

    Chiang Saen is generally the first stop, but sometimes I go up to Wat Phrathat Pha Ngao for a coffee and look at the Khong / Chiang Saen, Golden Triangle. On a clear day the view is stupendous



    Wat Phrathat Pha Ngao is here: Google Maps

    Passing through & exiting Chiang Saen, ancient Wat Chedi Luang is on the left


    Wat Chedi Luang is here: Google Maps

    and then a wee bit further along, on the other side of the road is the Chiang Saen city gate "Chao Por Pratu Pa SakChao Por Pratu Pa Sak"


    Just out of Chiang Saen, and off R1016 there are some other little lakes other than by the main Chiang Saen lake next to Ian's Viang Yonok Resort.

    I discovered them by accident, looking for a nearby hill top temple, but first took a wrong turn & went past Wat Chua Ched Ton.


    The location is here: Google Maps

    Finally on the right road I stumbled across this little beauty on the way to the nearby hill top temple.

    The location is here: Google Maps

    And down the end of the road the hill top temple of Wat Phrathat Doi Ku Kaeo




    I would have stayed longer to get some nice view photos, but the welcome from the temple dogs could have been better.

    Should you fancy challenging the canines, the location is here: Google Maps

    Back on the winding back roads looking for a Birds Eye view I found a suitable resting place for the Vstrom's retirement.



    Location here: Google Maps

    Continuing the search eventually my destination was reached : The Bird i View Cafe.

    Hanging out for a nice cuppa to sit, relax & enjoy the view I was warmly greeted by the very affable owner, who regretted to advise me that today was a "no electric day" - official power cut all day until 5PM, but if I wanted to hang out for an hour and a half they would most definitely be able to provide a refreshing cuppa. sadly I declined.


    On a power day the BIrd i View is worth a visit.



    The location here: Google Maps

    To be continued.
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