Lahu New Year 28 Jan 2012

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    The Lahu New Year is being celebrated in every Lahu village from 21st to 28th January.
    Then they will all get together at Ja Pue village, Pahtueng on 28th January 2012. Judging by photos from previous years this will be quite a spectacle, with a lot of people there.
    To get there you head west on the 1089 out of Mae Chan for 15.4 klms till you get to the checkpoint and turn south, just before Huai Ma Hin Fon and it's a short ride down that small road.
    See you there
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  3. Rod Page

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    Black or Red Lahu?
  4. DavidFL

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  5. ianyonok

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    I have this information from a lady named Khun Nasueka, who is Lahu. She is a friend of our manager at the hotel. I also have her phone number and will be confirming details a bit closer to the 28th. Red or black, I'm afraid I don't know at this stage.
  6. ianyonok

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    OK, the New Year Festival is for Black and Red Lahu. I wasn't aware of the difference but I'm informed the Black Lahu are mostly Christian and from the Doi Tung area, whereas the Rad Lahu are animists.
  7. Rod Page

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  8. ianyonok

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    Thanks Rod. Yes, I'd read your report. Great photos and detailed info.
    Lucky indeed on the location, it's less than an hour's ride from here.
  9. ianyonok

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    I went to check the location today. As posted previously, the location of the Lahu Festival is at MooBahn Ja Pue, Dtumbon Pahtueng. This is about 2 klms (tarmac road), south of the police checkpoint, on the 1089, 15.4 klms west of Mae Chan.
  10. ianyonok

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    OK, confirmation today about the Lahu New Year Festival at Ja Pue village east of Mae Chan. There will be events going on today, but the best time to be there will be 09:00 to 10:00, when there will be a parade. Not sure what time I'll arrive, but whoever is going... see you there.:)
  11. ianyonok

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    I arrived at the village at about 09:15 and saw hundreds of Lahu in their finest dress, lined up along the road through the centre of the village, welcoming more Lahu from other villages.

    There were also local Lisu people joined in the welcoming. The welcoming included throwing flower seeds over the guests and pouring water from bamboo containers through the hands of the vistors.






    Some interesting variations on the traditional dress.


    This was an all day celebration and the Program of Events was;
    07:00-08:30 Welcoming Lahu people from other villages. This went on through the morning.
    08:30-09:00 Introducing the Lahu Committee
    09:00-10:00 Thank you to HM The King. Speech from the Pu Yai Bahn and the Rot Nam watering ceremony.
    10:00-11:00 Speeches from VIPs. Song for HM The King.
    11:00-12:00 Dancing.
    12:00-13:00 Lunch.
    13:00-16:00 Dancing, singing and Miss Lahu beauty contest. Then Sports competitions between men and between women.
    16:00-17:00 Awards ceremony for winners of singing, dancing and sports contests.
    17:00-18:00 Young Lahu people singing.




    I met up with Phil and Ron "2wheels" who had come up from Chiang Mai for the event.



    A marvellously colourful non-touristy event with only us three farangs present, that I saw. So, great to see the local people enjoying themselves on their special day.
  12. Rod Page

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    I've been waiting on this, as much for the colour as because its one facet of northern Thailand that I truly miss. Your photos give a great feel for the event & various ceremonies. I also salute your keeping GTR riders aware of the event details well in adavnce; no mean task is some cases with such ceremonies.
  13. ianyonok

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    Thanks Rod. Sorry my photos don't show the colours too well. It's true these events are not advertised, so it is tricky to get prior notice of the dates. I must admit, I did feel like a bit of a gatecrasher at their special event, but the people I talked to were all super friendly and welcoming, as usual here.
  14. DavidFL

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    Fantastic Ian. We are always lucky when we get to experience these ethnic cultural festivals eh? It really is one of the great things about living in North Thailand - lots of culture & different peoples; & you get to ride your motorbike there. I will mark this one down for my calendar next year.
  15. ianyonok

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    Thanks David. Yes, indeed, it is a privilege to witness. I did hear that this festival will be in a different location next year. That does make sense, that the location will move to a different Lahu village, each year. But I have a very good contact whose friend is on the Lahu organising committee, so hopefully I will be able to post advance notice again for next year's festival.
  16. sri

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    From what I can gather, Lahu New Year is not celebrated on the same day in every Lahu village. For example, Lahu New Year in Luk Khao Lam (of prior GT Rider gatherings), Mae Hong Son, will be celebrated beginning on 20 February this year. that was only decided in early January, and we were told that the village shaman does some conjuring every year and makes a decision on the date a couple of months prior. Actually, maybe it's a district convention of shamen or other high epopts that decide, since all the Lahu villages in Pangmapha, both red and black, will be doing their new year thing beginning 20 February this year.
  17. ianyonok

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    I assume then, that the Lahu New Year is celebrated on different dates in different areas. It would be a long way to go, for the Chiang Rai Lahu near Mae Chan to go to Pang Mapha.

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