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  1. We are planning to ride from Phitsanulok to (North of) Chiang Rai in 2 days, stay 1 day and then back in 2 days (next month).
    What scenic routes do you recommend? We have a road bike and would prefer to ride mainly paved roads.
    Our base camp will be Phitsanulok (I will take our bike there on our pick-up truck from Chanthaburi) and we were thinking of staying one night in Nan, next day to Chiang Rai.
    I read the post "A mountain loop West of Nan" by DavidFL, inspiring, but how about going North taking roads East of Nan?
    BTW, we don't like altitudes where it gets chilli in day time.
    Your suggestions are very welcome.
  2. At this time of the year there are hardly any places along the route that is cold in day time. Even nights are pleasantly fresh, not cold.

    Here is my suggestion, 700km of exhilarating ride thru some of the best routes in entire country. I intentionally skipped R1155 because you pointed out ride ends in Chiang Rai and I don't think you would made it due to time restrictions.



    Enjoy the ride!

  3. Few videos featuring routes you will be covering, too bad I don't have a video of R1148 which is quite amazing too.

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  4. Thank you so much Goran.
    This is what I hoped for. It looks great. 700 km in 2 days seems relaxed but we will add a day to our trip not to feel hurried.
    Chiang Rai was just to set a goal, we may not enter the city but ride to places near the border.
    I will study the route you suggested a bit closer these days and post my experiences when we are back home sometime next month.
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  5. We can do the 1155. this road looks too good to be left out. We just decided that we can add a day or 2 to our trip. Thanks again for your help!
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  6. Awesome Mike. I don't think many riders did all these famous roads in one go so that will be quite an adventure.
    If you decide to write report afterwards it could become one of the most exciting ones for sure.
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  7. We have to come a long way to ride on these roads, so we better do as many as possible/reasonable. BTW, because I watched your videos above, Youtube suggested many more uploads from you, Great stuff.
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  8. I've done a lot if these roads, you shouldn't be disappointed. There's literally tonnes of options in this part of the country and all have something good to offer. Enjoy!
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  9. Are you locked into over nighting in Chiang Rai?
    If not, why not aim for Chiang Khong for the night, which would give you the options of R1155 & R1093?
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  10. We were thinking of skipping Chiang Rai altogether and find a resort along Mekong. Chiang Khong looks fine too. We could take the 1093 on our way back South. Anyway still looking for a different route back to Phitsanulok, lots of possibilities. Planning is part of the fun, even if it works out completely different sometimes....
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  11. Thanks. As a matter of fact, I had already started going through your post to see what would fit in our return trip. It is really helpful all those trip reports. I will add mine in due time.
  12. If you're coming in from Phrae then I'd say hit the Khun Satan road R1216 first.
    1216, a hidden Pearl in Nan?

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Go To Nan

    this will bring you back into Na Noi & then you can start on some of the roads to the east of Nan.

    VDO - Nan Backyard Race Track

    You don't actually have to stay in Nan either
    You have options in
    Bo Klua
    & if you do the big Doi Phukha R1081 ride then Thung Chang & Chiang Klang; but if you're in Chiang Klang, Pua is not far & a much better option.
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  13. Thanks David, these are attractive options for our way back South. Let's see how many roads we can fit in 5 or 6 days.
    We are really looking forward to our trip, probably starting next week.
  14. Thanks David, looks like we have to make some choices...
  15. If you're looking for a special spot for a night overlooking the Mekong & the Golden Triangle, check out The Mae Khong riverside

    Golden Triangle - Sop Ruak Accommodation

    located exactly at the GT
    & if it is your first time there, it certainly has a special feel; sleeping right at at the GT

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  16. Thanks. Certainly worth a visit, if time allows. If not, I saw a resort at the Mekong and the 1155 that we will probably ride.
    From next week on we will start our trip if the weather looks more promising. We have heavy rains here almost every day. We went to a Cambodian border market this weekend, it was a miracle the way we rode between the showers.
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