Chinese New Years

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  1. Generally NOT a good time to be on the road in Thailand as there are convoys of mini buses taking Chinese families on holidays.
    They usually hit the road for about a week so be warned roads are very busy if not thick with traffic; plus accommodation is often fully booked out for that mad week.

    On the positive side Lisu New year is always on at the same time & almost any Lisu village is worth a visit (on the right day.)

    For the record Chinese New Year
    2007 Feb. 18
    2008 Feb. 7
    2009 Jan. 26
    2010 Feb. 14
    2011 Feb. 3
    2012 Jan. 23
    2013 Feb. 10
    2014 Jan. 31
  2. Hello this is Steve, i have riden in Chang Mai a few times and will be coming in with a friend for Chinese new year. We want to rent bikes XR250's for about 6 days can you tell me the best place to go to get the best bikes.

    also who should we go and talk with ( And buy a few beers) to find out where are the good trails are.

    Hope you can help.


    Steve Marsh
  3. Hi Steve,

    I'd recommend checking out the new user and FAQ sections at the beginning of the forum.

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    Mr.Mechanic & Tony's Big Bikes have a fair selection but as ever in Thailand, what you see is sorta what you get...

    The Kafe is a popular haunt amongst GT-Rider residents and is in central Cnx. They are a good bunch and can generally be coaxed into imparting a few gems in exchange for a large bottle of Chang!

    Best wishes,

  4. Steve,

    I'd recommend Joe Bike Team/Goodwill M/Cs for XR250s as they are well maintained (as are some other shops). Probably best to email them to ensure availability ([email [email protected]][email protected][/email]) or if you want to commit, I can look into it for you.

    I was actually in the initial stages of planning a dirt trip probably to start 19th Feb and stretch over 2 nights/3 days. Part of it I have ridden before and part will be new for me. Take a look at these couple of threads below to see if it interests you. However, if you are highly-skilled dirt riders then prob not a good idea for me to accompany you as I'd slow you down. You can still fill me with beer though for the info! [;)]

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    Link removed


  5. Colin,

    Been keeping up with your travels mate, sounds like you are having an excellent time.

    Your timing is impeccable as i have a mate visiting for 5 days from monday and have arranged a bike from J & T's for wednesday (7/2) - plan to take him round the 1252 loop. Have you done that yet? You'd be welcome to join (as would any others reading this).

    For info on 1252, see: Link removed


  6. Colin,

    Will be picking up an XR at Joe's around 9am for my mate so can meet there. Alternatively, the PTT/7-11 station about 1km north of the 121 junction on the 118 at 10am. Don't eat as we will have some brekkie near Doi Saket before starting out properly. Hope to see you wednesday.


  7. Road only mate. Should prob be 4 or 5 of us.


  8. Col,

    Plan to do the same route as we have done in the wet and dry and posted elsewhere here. I'm not sure as to how "current" my mate's riding experience is and I reckon 4 hours or so will be enough but we can chat about alternatives en route and book them in for future times [;)].


  9. Pikey are you still planning for the dirt ride from 19 Feb? I will be headed to CNX on 18th and have arranged to pick up the 250 from Tom. Looking for some ride buddies. Anyone out there doing one?
  10. Fai,

    Have PM'd you regarding the trip starting 19th. Will put time into planning it this week.


  11. Pikey - lucky buggers!!! That trip sounds fun. Is it Samoeng to Wat chan off road then tarmac to Pai?
  12. Hey B&T,

    Oops, must have missed your post so sorry for the late reply. The plan was to do as you mentioned above but group consensus was that there would be too much tarmac and not enough dirt so we jigged it about a bit for the route to Pai as follows: X-centre to Prem Centre offroad with Ian Bungy's local knowledge and then onroad to Pa Tung followed by offroad to the Mork Fa waterfall & the coffee shop with the rocks in the garden on the 1095. After that a squirt up the 1095 to Pa Pae then offroad to Mae Muang Noi via a bunch of other villages. This stuff was a lot like much of the terrain we have done together before but also some more tight and technical stuff through forests with steep narrow climbs/descents. The worst thing was lack of directions - multiple forks in trails with little or no signage. Eventutally (past 5pm!) we hit the Wat Chan dirt road about 20km west of it at Dong Sam Mun and after that did the road section to Pai - brilliant road which must have been designed by a biker (but there is a gravel stretch for a few km) but I was too tired & couldn't see properly to enjoy it. We finally hit pai at 7pm with I think, about 130km offroad under our belts for the day. Hopefuly someone else will post a trip report as I took a hit on day 1 which meant i missed out on the 2nd & 3rd days [:(]


  13. Chinese New Year 2012 is 23rd January 2012.
  14. Bump for this weekend & next week.
    Busy with traffic & heavy accommodation bookings.
    Look out for Lisu new year as well.
    I will be trying my luck out of town for a night Sunday / Monday night at a guess.
  15. Just a reminder for the upcoming Chinese New Year starting Jan 31st - it will be a busy time on the road, so take extra care.
    News from Thoed Thai, is that they will be celebrating some Lahu & Akha New Years as well in the 1st few days of February. For Lisu new year in TT not sure yet.
  16. How long will it go on for? When will it start.
    I received this from China today


    Even today I saw Chinese plated cars downtown Cnx, so expect lots of Chinese vehicles on the road the next couple of weeks. Luang Prabang will be absolutely full if you're headed that way.
    John at Rim Taan in Thoed Thai says they will have some hilltribe dancing & sports on 1st Feb. I think I will be there.
    Watch out for Lisu New Year in other places- Soppong, Pai, Phrao, Doi Chang.

    What Lisu New Year is like:

    Lahu New Year

    Enjoy & take care

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